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we are all made in the image and likeness of God
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The basic rights of people (workers) should be protectedWhat is the one if the main teachings of the dignity of work and the rights of workers?1 personHow many people did Saint Benedict interact with during his time as a hermit?No it was not work was always going to happenWas work a punishment for the fall?WorkIn Gods words what do humans have a duty to do?We should care because it affects us in our everyday lives, at some point in our lives we have to workWhy should we care about the rights of workers?In a caveWhere did Saint Benedict live for 3 years while praising the Lord?to secure a comfortable life for himselfWhy did St. Vincent De Paul go into priesthood?the poor and those in poverty will make it to heaven with everyone elseWhat is the main idea behind Luke 6:20-26?Economic Justice for AllWhat church document relates to the principle Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable?Poverty of the Soul, Poverty of Addiction, Poverty of SpiritWhat are the three different kinds of poverty?Giorgio FrassatiWho is the global patron for youth and young adults?Showing respect and honor to all peopleWhat is solidarity?Unites people and fights injusticeHow is solidarity relevant to the world today?Human dignity and family rooted in our faithWhat is community?To love and respect othersWhy did god put us here?Our stewardshipWe show respect to our created by?Laudato SiPope Francis "care for our common home" is also what?Embraces us helping the less fortunate then we areWhat is the common good and grace?TrueEvery person has a fundamental right to life according to the church, True or False?TrueSt roque Gonzalez is the Parton saint of native traditions, True or false?JesuitWhat kind of priest was st roque Gonzalez?FalseFundamental human rights are only seen in the people of the catholic faith, true or false?We are all made in the image and likeness of GodWhy does everyone deserve the same universal treatment of respect?seeks to affirm the unique value of each human personDefine Personalistic NormServing the poorest of the poorWhat Was Mother Teresa's Life Mission?"Slave of Slaves"What Was St. Peter Claver Also Known As?We are all one people in Jesus ChristWhat is Jesus' main message to the world regarding equality?Lay down principles of basic human rightsWhat must every human society do in order to be productive?To aid and speak out for marginalized and oppressed groupsWhat is our duty as Catholics in terms of human rights.Marginalized Groups: LGBTQ+ and POC/Human Rights violations: human trafficking, religious oppression, sex work industryName One Social Issue Regarding Life And Dignity Of The Human Person