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Nursing care during labor and birth

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Issues for new nurses
-Pain associated with birth
-Inexperience or negative experience
Admission to the birth center
-Conveying confidence in the woman and her support person
-Assigning a primary nurse
-Using touch for comfort
-Respecting cultural values
Admission assessment includes:
Determine whether birth is imminent
Assess fetal well-being,
Determine status of labor
Admission procedures include:
-Notify relevant staff
-Obtain consent
-Establish IV access, draw labs
-Perineal prep/enema per MD order
-Educate your client and family
Assessments after admission include:
*Fetal assessments
*Amniotic fluid
*Assess maternal vital signs
*Assess contraction pattern
*Progress of labor
*Response to labor
*Supports persons response to labor
Application of the nursing process: Early labor
(evaluate status, determine discharge or
(provide reassurance, teach guidelines)
Application of the nursing process: True Labor
*Fetal assessment at frequent intervals
*Maternal assessment
The Pain of Labor
*Analysis (choices, anxiety)
-comfort measures
-giving of self
-offering drugs
-caring for birth partner
Preventing injury
*Assessment: anticipate birth time/prepare
*Analysis: vulnerable before & after delivery
*Planning: avoid or minimize injury
*Interventions: positioning, perineum, fetus