20 terms

Adobe InDesign Tools Palette

Selection Tool
Selects entire objects (lines, shapes, text and graphic frames) and allows you to move and resize these objects.
Direct Selection Tool
Selects the contents of a frame (such as a placed graphic) and allows selection of points on a path to reshape frames.
Pen Tool
Draws strait and curved paths using anchor points to create lines of shapes. Alternate: Add/Delete Anchor Point Tool or Convert Direction Point Tool
Type Tool
Creates text frames and selects text.
Type on a Path Tool
Creates and edits text on a path.
Pencil Tool
Draws a freeform path. Alternate: Smooth tool removes excess angles from a path. Erase tool deletes points on a path.
Line Tool
Draws a line segment.
Rectangle Frame Tool
Creates a square or rectangular placeholder. Alternate: Elipse and Polygon Frame Tools create other placeholder shapes.
Rectangle Tool
Creates a square or rectangle. Althernate: Elipse Tool creates circles and ovals Polygon Tool creates multi-sided shapes.
Rotate Tool
Rotates Objects around a fixed point. Double click the Rotate button to enter an exact rotation angle.
Scale Tool
Scales objects manually or by percentage around a fixed point. Double click Scale button to enter exact scale percentage.
Shear Tool
Skews object around a fixed point.
Free Transform Tool
Rotates, scales or shears an object.
Eyedropper Tool
Samples color or type attributes from objects and applies them to other objects.
Measure Tool
Measures distance between two points.
Gradient Tool
Adjusts the beginning and ending points and angles of gradients within objects.
Button Tool
Creates a button that performs an action when the document is exported to a Adobe PDF.
Scissors Tool
Splits a path, graphics frame, or empty text frame at any anchor point, or along any segment.
Hand Tool
Moves the page view within the document window.
Zoom Tool
Increases and decreases the view magnification in the document window.