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abraham Lincoln

Who set the slaves free?

The Nobles

Who wrote the Magna Carta?

The Koran

What is the holy book of Islam?


Did the fall of Rome help start the Middle Ages?


What year did World War II end?

A holy war

What is a Crusade?

Christopher Colombus

Who discovered America?


Was discovering America an accident?

Barack Obama

Who is the first black president?

Thomas Jefferson

Who wrote the Decleration of Independence?


Did they use an Sr-71 Blackbird in World War II?

The X-15

What is the fastest rocket-powered airplane in the world?

The SR-71 Blackbird

What is the fastest Jet-powered airplane in the world?

The Enola Gay

What is the name of the airplane that dropped A-Bomb #1?


Was George Washington a General before he became president?

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