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  1. hierarchy of needs
  2. character
  3. personal identity
  4. constructive criticism
  5. personality
  1. a your sense of yourself as a unique individual
  2. b the distinctive qualities that describe how a person thinks, feels, and behaves
  3. c nonhostile comments that point out problems and encourage improvement
  4. d a complex set of characteristics that makes you unique
  5. e ranked list of those needs essential to human growth and development, presented in ascending order, starting with basic needs and building toward teh ened to reach your highest potential

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  1. of or relating to the mind
  2. the encouragement or criticism that you give yourself, can affect your self-esteem
  3. not a sign of good mental health
  4. the ability to adapt effectively and recover from disappointment, difficulty, or crisis
  5. What are some techniques to reduce the intensity of your emotions?

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  1. hostilitythe intentional use of unfriendly or offensive behavior


  2. role modelchemicals produced by your glands that regulate the activities of different body cells


  3. emotionssignals that tell your mind and body how to react


  4. integritya firm observance of core ethical values


  5. guiltWhat is another very destructive emotion? If it is not managed, it can harm your self-esteem.