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Greece, Rome, Dark Ages

What is Greece?
A collection of city states. Was NOT a nation.
What did the Greeks contribute to western culture?
Philosophy, the original idea of democracy, and the classical style of art and architecture.
What were the two groups of people in the Athenian city-state?
The aristocracy and the common people
What was the aristocracy?
Decedents of certain families who had power handed down to them. The military elite and also had all the political power
What does Solon do for Greece?
Decides to give everyone some power. Creates 4 classes based on wealth, the council of 400, and the assembly.
What did the council of 400 do?
Proposed laws and ran the government.
Where were laws voted and debated on?
The Agora
Foreign soldiers who fought for money.
Who moved the capital of Rome?
Who was Diocletian?
A strong willed army leader and new emperor.
Direct Democracy
Each person votes on laws
Representative Democracy
Don't vote on laws directly but is not based on wealth
Without Philosophy there would be no what?
Who was Socrates?
A great thinker and teacher.
What did Socrates demand?
Clear thinking
Who wrote the Republic?
Who was Aristotle?
The greatest philosopher who had the biggest impact
Who were the Etruscans?
The most powerful tribe who ruled the city of Rome around 509 BC but were later were thrown out by the Romans.
What language did Rome originally speak?
Various parts of land controlled by one ruler
Who split the Roman Empire
Which part of the Empire was more wealthy?
The eastern
Which part of the Roman Empire fell?
The western
What caused the Dark Ages
A decline in education, literacy