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Intro to Public Health Quiz 1


absence of disease


anything that leads to discomfort, pain, distress, disability, or death


anything that takes the body out of homeostasis (biological)


post-hoc science


historically been concerned with treating illness


medicine with individual "patient" focus

public health

a priori science

public health

medicine with a group focus

public health

concerned with health promotion and disease prevention

public health

the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical health and efficiency


John Snow discovered...

core functions

assessment, policy development, assurance


core function to monitor and investigate

policy development

formulating rules and laws to remove or lessen threats and risks


confidence building/a pledge of dedication to protecting the public's health


enforce, assure, evaluate


the study of the frequency, distribution and causes of disease in populations.

environmental health

the study of the role of physical and social environments in promoting health

global health

the study of health problems and concerns that transcend national boundaries

social and behavioral determinants

the study of individual and group behaviors that affect health as well as the study of behavior change

health policy

the study of the role of laws and policies in promoting health

public health biology

the study of the pathogenisis of disease with a focus on identifying the critical points at which it can be prevented or interrupted

epi and stats

the basis for the assessment functions of public health, including the collection and analysis of information.


increase in the frequency of a disease above the usual and expected rate


count cases of a disease, and when they detect an epidemic, become investigators


the total number of cases existing in a defined population at a specific time.


study who, where, and when to figure out why


the rate of new cases of a disease in a defined population over a defined period of time.


characterizes the disease victims by such factors as age, race, gender, socioeconomic status


looks for trends in disease frequency over time


looks at comparisons of disease in difference cities, counties, states, regions, or countries


gives clues about the determinants of the disease

descriptive epi

answers to the person, place and time questions to provide clues about the causes of a disease


Measure of association

analytic epi

answers the why question


gold standard in research studies


study that uses a large number of disease free people; select subjects based on exposure


framington heart study is what type?

relative risk

ratio of the incidence rate for persons exposed to the factor to the incidence rate for persons in the unexposed group

no association

RR = 1

increased risk

RR > 1

decreased risk

RR < 1

case control

study that selects based on disease status; retrospective

odds ratio

used to measure the strength of association between exposure and disease


error due to sampling variability


error due to things other than sampling variability

overcome limitations

large sample size

overcome limitations

reduce variability

overcome limitations

large effect size

overcome limitations

control for confounding factors

overcome limitations

known biological association

overcome limitations

study findings can be replicated

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