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Chapter 2 Physics Test

Physics Regular- Perella Period 5
the resistance of change in an object
inertia is related to
the amount of mass in an object
the more mass you have the more
inertia you have
a push or pull
force can change an object's
acceleration, decceleration, direction
net force
the sum of all the forces acting on an object
when an object is in constant motion the net force is
and object with more mass/inertia needs more _____ to change its acceleration, decceleration, or direction.
the amount of force in an object is directly proportional to its
newton second law relates
the net force, mass, and acceleration of an object
free fall
when gravity is the only force acting on an object
an object with more surface area has more
air resistance
air resistance
a force acting against gravity causing an object to deccelerate
terminal velocity
when the net force of an object is 0 and the object is in constant speed
acceleration due to gravity is
9.8 m/s/s
force due to gravity is an object's
the find the speed of a distance vs. time graph you must determine the
to find the acceleration of a speed vs. time graph you must determine
the slope
to find the distance in a speed vs. time graph you must determine
the area under line
the find the mass in a force vs. acceleration graph one must determine the
10N←O→58N =
↑⁻⁻↓⁻⁻↑⁻⁻↓ air resistance and gravity are equal, the object is at
terminal velocity