Trojan war and house of atreus characters

stole Helen from Menelaus and practically caused the trojan war. a coward. from 3 choices that most greek heroes would choose, he chose the most beautiful woman in the world, over two other choices which consisted of power and triumph
king of ithaca, shrewd and sensible. Didn't want to go to a war over a woman. cunning. devised the trojan horse plan. to avoid going to war he pretended that he was crazy. sent to retrieve achilles from the women. sent to retrieve Hercules' bow and arrows from Philoctetes. sent to talk to achilles to get him to fight
son of thetis the sea nymph. was destined to die in the war. mother dipped him in the river styx to try to achieve immortality. tried to avoid war by dressing as a woman and joining a court. bestfriend of Patroclus. killed by an arrow guided by Artemis shot by Paris
father of ipihgenia. commander in chief of the greek army. brother of menelaus. forced to sacrifice daughter to artemis. chooses odysseus to get Achilles' armour which drives aJax to committ suicide.
son of priam. best fighter of all of troy. destined to die. klled patroclus and put on achilles' armour after. fought with ajax but later gave back the armour.
one on the greatest warriors of greece. when achilles died he was in a drawing with odysses to get the armour. Odysseus was chosen which made him go on a wild rampage trying to kill Agamemnon and Odysseus, but the gods made him hallucinate and he ended up killing tons of cattle. When he saw what he had done he was shamed and comitted suicide.
was inside the trojan horse. fought alongside Ajax after Achilles died. fought alongside ares when paris was with artemis. he stole the Palladium from inside of troy.
goddess of dischord. gets angry because she wasn't invited to a wedding although the rest of the gods did. she threw in a golden apple that acted as a catalyst for the trojan war
daughter of typhaerus; wife of menelaus; the face that launched a thousand ships; caused the trojan war because aphrodite promised her to paris
brother of Agamemnon; husband of Helen; King of sparta; declared war against troy after Paris broke the bond between host and guest and stole Helen
daughter of Agamemnon; part of the house of atreus; supposedly sacrificed to Artemis for smooth sailing but she was taken to an island where she became a priestess until Orestes comes upon that island and they have a little reunion and go home
king of troy; father of Paris; Husband of Hecuba; had lots of sons to fight for troy including hector; exiled paris because he was going to cause the downfall of troy
daughter of apollo's priest; Agamemnon's war spoil, but he had to return her because Calchas said that he was angering Apollo.
one of apollo's priests; father of chryseis; made Agamemnon give chryseis back or else they would lose the war
sea nymph; mother of Achilles; went to the gods to request that Troy wins the war because Achilles disobeyed her; dipped him in the river styx to gain immortality, but missed his ankle.
good friends with Odysseus and Achilles. went with Odysseus to try to convince Achilles to fight but he refused. so he took achilles armour went out and fought and died
rainbow messenger of the gods, told poseidon that he must withdraw from fighting and the momentum turned back to the trojans
walked onto the shore first when the prophecy said that the first greek to walk on shore would die so he would die in honor.
wife of agamemnon; house of atreus; cheated on agamemnon with aegisthus while he was at troy; when he returned from troy she murdered him; was murdered by her son
son of agamemnon and clytemnestra; had to kill mother to end the curse of the house of atreus, which he did; killed aegisthus; went to gods to beg forgiveness because he killed his mother therefore ending the curse
gods treated him as one; cooked his son in a soup to feed to the gods, but they knew; was sent to the underworld in a pool of water that he could not drink with fruit trees above that he could not reach
daughter of Pelops; treated like a goddess; would brag to the others about her 14 children and would brag about how the people should worship her instead of the gods because she had more children; her children were murdered by the gods because she was vain