12 major gods and godesses of Greek mythology

supreme ruler, lord of the sky, rain, and clouds, symbol is the thunderbold, married to hera but always cheats on her, breastplate is aegis, anial is the eagle, plant is the oak tree
roman name is pluto, god of wealth and the underworld, king of the dead, a just god but does not pity, married/raped persephone
sister and wife of Zeus, protects married woman even though zeus always cheats on her, punishes zeus' lovers, animals are the cow and the peacock
brother of zeus, king of the sea, gave the horse to humans, symbol is the trident, animal is the horse, "earth-shaker"
sprang from Zeus' head, goddess of city, protector of civilized life, goddess of wisdon and reasom, animal is the owl, plant is the olive tree, inventor of the bridle
artemis' twin brother, most cultured of the gods, archer god, plays the lyre, taught men healing arts, god of light and truth, plant is the laurel, animals are the dolphin and the crow
apollo's twin sister, goddess of wild things, goddess of the hunt, protector of youth, goddess of night and the moon, animal is the deer, plant is the cypress
goddess of love and beauty, laughter loving, sprang from the sea, wife of hephaestus, animal is the dove, plant is the myrtle
god of commerce and the market, protector of travelers and traders,the messenger god, guides the dead to hades, has winged sandals
god of war, gods don't like him very much, cowardly, animals are the vulture and the dog
god of fire, disfigured and ugly, a workman, armorer, and smith to the immortals, kind and peace loving, protector of the craftsmen
sister of zeus, goddess of the hearth, symbol of the home