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Pharmacology Quiz 1

the term used for an antibiotic that is effective against many different types of bacteria is?
broad spectrum
penicillin may be used prophylactically (without evidence of an acute infection) in the management of?
rheumatic fever
amoxicillin is superior to oral penicillin V in every respect except?
it needs to be taken more frequently during the day
a cross sensitivity may occur between penicillin and ?
another name for the macrolide antibiotics is?
the erythromycins
viruses different from other microorganisms in that they:
require an intact call to replicate
interferon alfa is used in the treatment of?
hepatitis B.
an agent often used in the treatment of AIDS is?
a common use for the sulfonamides is for :
urinary tract infection
drugs that may cross-react with sulfonamide to cause an allergic reaction include all of the following except:
which preparation would not be expected to produce a systemic effect?
ear drops
the most convenient systemic dosage from is?
oral tablet
which method of administration would have the most rapid systemic effect?
an IV solution should generally not be used if it is is
cloudy, discolored, or noted to have "floaters"
parenteral administration means:
administration by injection
the manin advantage of pre-filled disposable syringes is:
patient compliance may be increased with all the except with dosage form?
four-times daily oral medication
preparations generally applied for local effect are:
the dosage form that has been shown to avoid removal/inactivation of the drug by the liver and spleen is:
transdermal pathces
the hourly volume administration by an intravenous solution is calculated by:
drops per minute
which of the following will not affect the dose of a drug given to an individual?
time of day the medicine is administered
the dose of a given drug may be smaller if administered:
which part of the prescription indicated the directions to the patient?
the signatura
the measured portion of a medicine to be given to the patient is called the:
when an individual reacts unusually to a drug, it is termed:
some instances of drug intolerance may be caused by:
genetic factors
the abbreviation for "every day" is:
the abbreviation for "three times a day" is:
the abbreviation for "right eye" is:
the abbreviation for "at bedtime" is:
a suspension of fat globules in an aqueous preparation is called an:
a solution containing alcohol is called:
a preparation that can be ised rectally is called an:
sustained release capsules may release drug over:
8-24 hours
which dosage form is intended to be given orally?
a drug in which schedules would have the highest potential for abuse?
schedule 1
an example of a drug in schedule 3 is:
the main American drug standard text is the:
United States Pharmacopoeia
compounds with limited amounts of codeine in a cough preparation would be in:
schedule 4
drugs applied for a local effect may be administered in the form of:
rectal administration may be used when:
the patient is unable to take oral medication
sublingual administration may be used when:
for only a few specific drugs
drugs or fluids may be given intravenously when:
the most rapid effect is desired
drugs may be given intramuscularly when:
when prolonged effects of the drug are desired
oral administration is desired because:
it is the most convenient form of medication
drugs may be given orally as:
drugs may be given parenterally as:
what is the first procedure of administering medication?
check the practitioner's order for medication
what is the second procedure of administering medication?
read the label on the bottle two times
what is the third procedure of administering medication?
pour the medicine in the cup
what is the fourth procedure of administering medication?
give the patient the medication
what is the fifth procedure of administering medication?
record the medication as given n the patient's chart
an antibiotic that should not be given if there is evidence of preexisting kidney damage is:
an agent used to treat moniliasis is:
an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections is:
an antibiotic that should not be used if a patient is known for having an allergic reaction to penicillin is:
an antibiotic useful in treatment of gonorrhea in penicillin-sensitive patients is:
an antibiotic useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections is:
an agent used to treat thrush (oral monoiliasis) in infants is:
vaginal candidas infections are treated with:
tetracyclines are effective in the treatment of:
lyme disease
which treatment is preferred for cutaneous larva migrans (creeping eruption)?
a medication useful in the treatment of head lice?
a drug known to cross-react with sulfonamides for an allergic reaction is:
a common use for combination trimethroprim and sulfamenthoxazole is to treat:
urinary tract infections
the types of penicillin used most for otitis media is:
an example of a tetracycline is:
an antibiotic that may cause blood dyscrasias is:
a long-acting penicillin is:
a disadvantage of prolonged use of tetracyclin
vaginal monilaisis
an antibiotic that can cause deafness is:
which of following is the most effective in the treatment of the typhoid fever?
a form of penicillin that is well absorbed by GI tract:
which of the following is a semi-synthetic penicillin?
oxacillin sodium
a drug that would be beneficial in the treatment of a fungal infection of the lungs would be?
amphotericin B.
an oral drug used to treat althetes foot is:
a form of penicillin that is resistent to microorganism's penicillinase is:
an antibiotic than can cause liver damage is: