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Flood/Storm Hydrographs


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River discharge
the volume of water a river transports over a given amount of time.
cubic metres per second.
Lag time
the time that passes between peak rainfall and peak river discharge.
a line graph drawn to show the discharge of a river following a period of heavy rain.
River regime
The variation of river discharge due to precipitation, evaporation, temperature or drainage basin characteristics over a year.
Peak discharge
the highest volume of water in a river following a rainfall event.
Peak rainfall
the greatest amount of rainfall that falls in a rainfall event.
Rising limb
the early part of a hydrograph
showing the rise in river
Falling limb
the latter part of a hydrograph
showing the fall in river
Base flow
the portion of the discharge of a stream contributed by groundwater flow.
the preceding conditions before a storm event.
a line graph that responds quickly to a period of rain so it characteristically has a high peak and a short lag time.
the increase in proportion of people living in cities, resulting in their growth.