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Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Excretory Systems


A bodily fluid that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells, and then transports carbon dioxide and waste away from them.


The yellow liquid component of blood.


One type of protein found in blood plasma.


Also known as red blood cells. Important in transporting oxygen through the body.


Stem cells found in the bone marrow that develop into all different types of blood cells as needed.


Small, irregularly shaped cell fragments that play a role in reducing blood loss and forming blood clots.


The process by which blot clots are formed.


A blood clot that forms within a healthy blood vessel, causing a blockage that results in further damage.


Having the capability of fighting off, or resisting the effects of, an infection.


A fluid made from the blood of someone possessing desired antibodies, which can be given to someone else to invoke a passive immunity.

T cells

Helper, cytoxic, suppressor, and memory T cells work together to fight infection in cell mediated immunity.

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