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Substances sticking to themselves


Particles sticking to other types of particles

Surface Tension

the property of the surface of the liquid which allows it to resist external forces

Specific Heat

the amount of energy it takes to change the temperature of a substance

Evaporative Cooling

As water evaporates the temperature decreases

Hydrogen Bond

Covalent bonds including a hydrogen


Will dissolve in water


Will NOT dissolve in water


Plants draw out water in the soil and release it as water vapor from their leaves


Water collecting as droplets on a cold surface

Condensation Reaction

Reaction where two molecules are combined and as a result water is lost

Hydrolysis Reaction

Reaction where two molecules are split by adding water


the process of water becoming a gas

Water Molecule

a molecule with two hydrogens and one oxygen


Solid, crystal form of water which is less dense than liquid water

Water Vapor

Gaseous form of water

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