Bob is a man who has a preferential attraction primarily to other men. Bob's sexual orientation is __________.
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Two studies conducted in the twentieth century of numerous cultures found that __________ disapproved of homosexuality.only about one third__________ banned homosexual athletes and tourists from attending the 2014 Winter Olympics.RussiaWhat is the first stage in sexual identity development?Admit to oneself that one has a homosexual or bisexual orientation.What is the second stage in coming out?Get to know other homosexuals.Which of the following is accurate regarding homosexuals finding companions and sexual partners?Finding companions and sexual partners can be difficult for many gays and lesbians in rural areas and small towns.Of the general population, __________ of Americans support same-sex marriage.61%In our society currently, attempts to change homosexuals' orientation are most commonly conducted by religious fundamentalist groups in what is called __________ therapy.reparativeWhat year did the American Medical Association reverse a long-standing policy of recommending that psychiatrists make efforts to turn unhappy homosexuals into heterosexuals?1994Jolene has a sexual attraction toward both men and women. Jolene's sexual orientation is __________.bisexualAccording to the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, what percentage of adult women reported that they had given or received oral sex with another woman in the past year?less than 4%Kendra describes herself as asexual. She is among the __________ percent of the population that defines itself this way.approximately 1%Giving testosterone to adult homosexual males __________.does not change their sexual orientationWhat is known about testosterone during prenatal and early development in males?Levels increase dramatically when the testicles develop in week 7 after conception, reach a peak between weeks 10-22, and then decline to the same levels as are found in baby girls.What term derived from the name of a Greek island is used for a female homosexual?lesbianWhat percentage of gays and lesbians say that their community is more tolerant than in the past?about 91%Grace is in the third stage of coming out. What is she likely doing?telling family and friends of her sexual orientationThe 2000 U.S. census revealed that __________ children live in households with same-sex parents.250,000What TV show became the first to be built around (and star) a lesbian?Ellen