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Finite Mathematics

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how to graph a slope intercept
y=2x+10 <ex first place a 0 in the x spot and solve for y. then do the same by putting a 0 in the y spot and solve for x. that give you a 0,y and x,0 formula. therefor you can graph it and check it by graphing y=2x+10
What is the coefficient of corelation
You are trying to find the linear relationship between the two variables formula: r= n(Exy) - (Ex.....

x/y/xy/x2/y2 get the sums of these columns to put into the formula
What does SSE stand for and what is it used for
The Sum of the Squares of Error.
Finding the vertical error between the points and the given line
x/y/Predicted Y with the ^ over it (y=mx+b)/y-(^Y)/y-(^y)(squared)

this ^ is the way the chart must look... to get the predicted you must plug in the given X to get the predicted y
to get the SSE you must sum up the (Y-(^Y)(squared))
Regression Line
THe regression line is the formulas where there is
and b=Ey-m(Ex)

Least squares line, best fit line
slope for price and quantity
or just get y=mx+b and chose any given xy coordinate and plug it in to the x and the y and also plug in the slope
What does it mean when 2 equations in 2 unknowns are linear
Geometrically they are the same line, so they have infinitely many solutions.
What does it mean when 2 equations in 2 unknowns are inconsistent
They are parallel so they are two different lines that never meet
infinite solutions
0=any number
No solutions
explain the geometric meaning of a 2 x 2 system having exactly one solution?
The equations are 2 lines that intersect at one point looks like X
A 2 x 2 can only have
2 solutions or 2 lines and they are related in the following ways
a. they are parralel (no solutions)
b. they intersect at one point (one solution)
c. They coincide leaving you with (infinitely many solutions)