Before 1803, what country owned the land in North America that was just east of the New Mexico territory?
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*What New Mexico town became the headquarters for the fur trade?Taos*Who was the best known of all the fur trappers?Kit Carson*What was the name of his Hispanic wife?Josefa Jaramillo*What fort in La Junta, Colorado, became an important center of trade?Bent's Fort*How did Father Antonio Jose Martinez of Taos help New Mexico?1. He started a school 2. He taught people how to read 3. He wrote books and printed them on a printing press 4. He served in New Mexico government*In what year did Texas become independent of Mexico?1836What caused the Revolt of 1837?The people were unhappy with Governor Perez and didn't want to pay taxesWhat did Texas try to do to New Mexico in 1841?Conquer it*What did Manuel Armijo do to provide protection for New Mexico from raids and invasions?He gave out land grants so that people would develop the land and defend the landWhat Native American tribes continued to raid in New Mexico?Navajos and Apaches