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Things You Should know about Guinea Pig

What do guinea pigs eat?
standard guinea pig food you can buy at the pet store and a mixture of fresh vegetables
What do guinea pigs drink?
Do you need to give your guinea pig a bath?
Yes! (Every three months for short hairs and once a month for long hairs.)
Do you need to clip a guinea pigs toe nails?
Yes! (Every two to three weeks)
Should you purchase a hamster wheel/ ball for your guinea pig?
No!!!!! (It is dangerous to their spines!)
What is the best kind out guinea pig to buy?
Short haired girls! (they are the least work and have the fewest health problems)
How often should you play with your guinea pig?
AT LEAST once a day for no less than twenty minutes
Should you put vitamin drops in your guinea pigs water?
No!!! It can be poisonous to them
Can you take your guinea pig outside?
Yes! Just make sure it's no too hot
How many guinea pigs should you get?
Two is the most ideal
Do you need to take a guinea pig to the vet?
No! only if you see a problem
Should you feed your guinea pig mouse, rat, bunny, or hamster food?
Should you use perfume or other beauty products on you guinea pig?
How often should you clean your guinea pigs cage?
Every two weeks
What kind of hay should you feed your guinea pig?
Timothy (NOT alfalfa!!!!!)
How often should you feed you guinea pig?
Twice a day
How much should you feed your guinea pig?
1/8 cup of guinea pig food and 5 large chunks of fruit of vegetables
Should you go out and buy a guinea pig after reading this?