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  1. Pulse
  2. Arrhythmia
  3. Febrile
  4. Fahrenheit Scale
  5. Diastolic Pressure
  1. a Heart beats and moves blood.Wave-like sensation
  2. b Irregular pattern of heartbeats
  3. c Elevated body temperature (relating to a fever)
  4. d Pressure in the arterial system when the heart relaxes and fills with blood during Diastole.
  5. e Scale that uses 32°F as the temperature at which water freezes and 212°F as the point in which it boils

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  1. Scale that uses 0°C as the temperature at which water freezes and 100°C as the point at which it boils
  2. Cooling of the ear when it comes in contact with a thermometer probe
  3. Warmth at the skin surface (is temperature closer to the the surface (oral cavity and skin) - adult varies normally from 97.9 - 98.6 ° F)
  4. Drugs that reduce fever
  5. Noises heard when taking blood pressure (Sounds that result from the vibrations of blood within the arterial wall or changes in blood flow)

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  1. AfebrileAbsence of Fever (without fever; body temperature is normal)


  2. AfterloadForce against which the heart pumps when ejecting blood (is the pressure or resistance against flow)


  3. HypotensionHigh Blood Pressure


  4. ApneaAbsence of breathing


  5. Pulse VolumeQuality of the pulsations that are felt ( Strength of the beat; can be weak: thready to full: bounding)


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