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  1. Respiratory Rate
  2. Hypertension
  3. Stertorous Breathing
  4. Apnea
  5. Drawdown Effect
  1. a High Blood Pressure
  2. b Cooling of the ear when it comes in contact with a thermometer probe
  3. c Number of ventilations per minutes (number of breaths you take each minute,the rate at which a person inhales and exhales)
  4. d Absence of breathing
  5. e Noisy Breathing ( Noisy Ventilation)

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  1. Scale that uses 32°F as the temperature at which water freezes and 212°F as the point in which it boils
  2. Noises heard when taking blood pressure (Sounds that result from the vibrations of blood within the arterial wall or changes in blood flow)
  3. Contraction of arrector pili muscles in skin follicles (hair-raising, goose-bumps in humans)
  4. Temperature-Regulating structure in the brain
  5. Fever (a rise in the temperature of the body)

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  1. Clinical ThermometersInstruments used to measure body temperature


  2. StethoscopeBreathing that is facilitated by sitting up or standing


  3. OrthopneaDifficult or labored breathing


  4. White-coat HypertensionSudden but temporary drop in blood pressure when rising from a reclining or seated position


  5. Blood PressurePressure in the arterial system when the heart relaxes and fills with blood during Diastole.