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  1. Afterload
  2. Doppler Stethoscope
  3. White-coat Hypertension
  4. Apnea
  5. Arrhythmia
  1. a Absence of breathing
  2. b Force against which the heart pumps when ejecting blood (is the pressure or resistance against flow)
  3. c Irregular pattern of heartbeats
  4. d Condition in which the blood pressure is elevated when taken by a health care but is normal at other times
  5. e Device that helps detect sounds created by the velocity of blood moving through a blood vessel

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  1. Pattern of the pulsations and pauses between them (Regularity- time interval between heartbeats)
  2. Diminished Breathing (Reduced Breathing)
  3. Volume of blood ejected from the left ventricle per minute ( heart rate x stroke volume, CO = HR (beats/minute) X SV (liters/beat) - Normal adult: 4-8 liters/minute)
  4. Device for measuring blood pressure ( blood pressure cuff)
  5. Low Blood Pressure

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  1. Apical Heart RateNumber of sounds heard at the heart's apex and the rate of the radial pulse during the same period


  2. OrthopneaBreathing that is facilitated by sitting up or standing


  3. Piloerectionfeeling of one's own heart contraction without having to feel the pulse


  4. ThermogenesisLow Blood Pressure


  5. PreloadVolume of blood that fills the heart and stretches the heart muscle fibers during its resting phase (volume of blood in ventricles at end of diastole, just prior to contraction)