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  1. Shell Temperature
  2. Pyrexia
  3. Systolic Pressure
  4. Diastolic Pressure
  5. Pulse Rate
  1. a Pressure in the arterial system when the heart relaxes and fills with blood during Diastole.
  2. b Warmth at the skin surface (is temperature closer to the the surface (oral cavity and skin) - adult varies normally from 97.9 - 98.6 ° F)
  3. c Pressure in the arterial system when heart contracts (first sound heard when taking blood pressure, measure of pressure caused when ventricles contract and blood is pushed out of heart)
  4. d Fever (a rise in the temperature of the body)
  5. e Number of peripheral arterial pulsations palpated in a minute (the rate at which the heart beats)

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  1. Number of sounds heard at the heart's apex and the rate of the radial pulse during the same period
  2. feeling of one's own heart contraction without having to feel the pulse
  3. Number of ventilations per minutes (number of breaths you take each minute,the rate at which a person inhales and exhales)
  4. Temperature-Regulating structure in the brain
  5. (1) movement of air in and out of the lungs; (2) movement of air in the environment (the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation)

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  1. BradycardiaHeart rate between 100 and 150 beats per minutes (bpm) at rest (abnormally fast heart rate)


  2. TachycardiaA pulse rate less than 60 beats per minute (bpm) in an adult ( slow heart rate)


  3. PulseHeart beats and moves blood.Wave-like sensation


  4. Blood PressureDifference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements


  5. Korotkoff SoundsNoises heard when taking blood pressure (Sounds that result from the vibrations of blood within the arterial wall or changes in blood flow)