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  1. Outside influences
  2. Myths
  3. Polyandry
  4. Why we live in families
  5. Conjugal relationships
  1. a Family relationships created through marriage
  2. b Outside forces shape family experiences
  3. c The practice of having two or more husbands
    Very rare
  4. d Universal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family
  5. e 1. Continuity as a result of emotional attachments, rights, and obligation.
    2. Close proximity
    3. Intimate awareness
    4. Economic benefits

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  1. Mother, father, and children
  2. Conservatives:Pessimistic
    Liberals: Optimistic
    Centrists: Blend of both
  3. Group of related families
  4. Provision of intimacy
    Formation of a cooperative economic unit
    Reproduction and socialization
    Assignment of social roles and status
  5. If one family member does an action-it affects the entire family

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  1. Social institutionThe patterned regular ways in which a society has organized to meet its basic need


  2. HouseholdOne or more people-everyone living in a housing unit


  3. MarriageA legally recognized union between two people. Generally a man and a woman, in which they are united sexually, cooperate economically, and may give birth to, adopt, or rear children.
    In western cultures, the only legal form is monogomy
    As simple as such a definition may make it seem, it differs among cultures and has changed considerably in our society.


  4. Traditional FamilyMiddle class version of the nuclear family


  5. NotesUniversal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family