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  1. Why we live in families
  2. Family of procreation
  3. Nuclear Family
  4. Socialization
  5. Traditional gender roles
  1. a the shaping of individual behavior to conform to social or cultural norms
  2. b Mother, father, and children
  3. c 1. Continuity as a result of emotional attachments, rights, and obligation.
    2. Close proximity
    3. Intimate awareness
    4. Economic benefits
  4. d Common term for the family formed through marriage and childbearing
  5. e Male: Instrumental

    Female: Expressive
    Emotional expression

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  1. The practice of having only one spouse at a time over and over again.
  2. The patterned regular ways in which a society has organized to meet its basic need
  3. Conservatives:Pessimistic
    Liberals: Optimistic
    Centrists: Blend of both
  4. One or more people-everyone living in a housing unit
  5. The changes in family patterns are just that- changes, not signs of familial decline

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  1. Kinship systemThe social organization of the family


  2. PolygamyThe practice of having two or more wives.


  3. MythsUniversal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family


  4. Family of cohabitationFamily formed through living or cohabiting with another person, whether they are married or unmarried


  5. NotesUniversal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family


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