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  1. Polygamy
  2. Family of procreation
  3. Myths
  4. Social institution
  5. Notes
  1. a The patterned regular ways in which a society has organized to meet its basic need
  2. b The practice of having two or more spouses at a time.
    The preferred marital arrangement worldwide.
  3. c Our attitudes and beliefs affect and distort views...
    Experience vs expertise
    Ongoing social controversy
  4. d Universal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family
  5. e Common term for the family formed through marriage and childbearing

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  1. Conservatives:Pessimistic
    Liberals: Optimistic
    Centrists: Blend of both
  2. Outside forces shape family experiences
  3. The practice of having two or more wives.
  4. Despite cultural and historical variation the following characteristic seem to be shared:
    Gender, sexuality, relationships with kin and in-laws, legitimacy of children
    Establishment of specific roles within the wider community
    Transferr of wealth and property
    Assignment of responsibility for caring for and socializing children or thier relatives
  5. Group of related families

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  1. Consanguineous relationshipsFamily relationships created through marriage


  2. The family of orientationFamily formed through living or cohabiting with another person, whether they are married or unmarried


  3. Kinship systemThe social organization of the family


  4. Conjugal relationshipsFamily relationships created through marriage


  5. Serial MonogomyThe practice of having only one spouse at a time