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  1. Affiliated Kin
  2. Nuclear Family
  3. Polygamy
  4. Conjugal relationships
  5. Consanguineous relationships
  1. a created through biological ties. (through birth)
  2. b unrelated individuals who feel and are treated as if they were relatives
  3. c Mother, father, and children
  4. d The practice of having two or more spouses at a time.
    The preferred marital arrangement worldwide.
  5. e Family relationships created through marriage

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  1. Male: Instrumental

    Female: Expressive
    Emotional expression
  2. One or more people-everyone living in a housing unit
  3. Middle class version of the nuclear family
  4. Group of related families
  5. The family in which we grew up

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  1. PolyandryThe practice of having two or more wives.


  2. Serial MonogomyThe practice of having only one spouse at a time


  3. MarriageA legally recognized union between two people. Generally a man and a woman, in which they are united sexually, cooperate economically, and may give birth to, adopt, or rear children.
    In western cultures, the only legal form is monogomy
    As simple as such a definition may make it seem, it differs among cultures and has changed considerably in our society.


  4. Conservative Perspectivecultural values have shifted from individual self sacrifice toward personal self-fulfillment


  5. Kinship systemOur attitudes and beliefs affect and distort views...
    Experience vs expertise
    Ongoing social controversy