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Osteoblasts & Osteocyte Cells

Osteoblasts lining the surface of bone
-->Osteoclast in upper right of picture

Osteocyte Sitting in Lacnae
-->Attached to other osteocytes by caniculi

-->Large; multinucleated
-->Etched in Howship's Lacunae
-->Acid phosphatase in lysosome can be used as a clinical marker for osteoclast activity

Osteoclast Activity in Hyperthyroidism case
-->Osteoclast to far right looks to be degenerating

Osteoclast vs. Megakaryocyte
-->Osteoclasts are multinucleated & found in bone
-->Megakaryocyte is one, fused nucleated cell found in the bone marrow

Compact Vs. Spongy (Trabecular or Cancellour) Bone

Periosteum vs. Endosteum

Periosteum vs. Endosteum II

Primary (Left) Vs. Secondary Bone (Right)

Haversian System

Haversian System (In Cross Section)

Haversian System

Haversian System
-->Can see compact bone (far left); medial to it is trabeclae stains very darkly
-->Bone marrow seen on the top
-->Areas of decalcification seen below

Trabeculae of cancellous bone
-->Contain some osteocytes & osteoblasts on periphery
-->Bone marrow seen below it

Osteopetrosis of bone (right hand side) vs. Normal bone
-->Observe death of bone marrow spaces & small amounts of calcification (in blue) compared to normal

Intermembranous Ossification

Epiphyseal Growth Plate
-->Appears regardless of mechanical stimulation

Growth of Epiphyseal Plate (5 Zones)

Closure of Epipyhseal Growth Plate

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