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  1. medial side of leg at KI 9
  2. SJ 5
  3. GB 41
  4. rebellious qi; disorders of reproductive system; blood deficiency, excess, rebellion; endocrine disorders; masses; wei syndrome (atrophy);
  5. ST 30 (qi chong), KI 11, KI 21, chest
  1. a Chong Mai: 2nd branch emerges at ______, connects with the Kidney channel at _____ and ascends through the Kidney channel to _______, then disperses in the __________
  2. b Dai mai coupled point
  3. c Dai mai master point
  4. d Name 6 pathology categories of the chong mai.
  5. e Where does the Yin Wei begin?

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  1. Name the 4 functions (physiologies) of the yang wei.
  2. Where the chong mai begins.
  3. Name the 16 coalescent points of the yang wei mai.
  4. Name 4 meanings for "wei."
  5. Chong Mai: 3rd branch starts at _______ ascends along the _______, curves around the ______, and terminates below the _______.

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  1. Bi & wei syndromes, disorders of the abdomen, disorders of the urogenital system, and disorders of the GB channelName 4 pathologies of the Dai Mai according to Ni.


  2. circulation of Blood and Qi with speed and force, like a waterfallChong Mai: 4th branch emerges at _______, descends the medial aspect of the ______ to the ________ ________, then descends the medial side of the ______ ______, runs posterior to the medial malleolus and terminates on the _________ of the _________.


  3. SJ 15, GB 21, neck, jaw, GB 13Where does the yang wei mai begin?


  4. hypochondriac regionThe dai mai circles round just below the _________ __________.


  5. KI divergentThe dai mai regulates the areas of the waist, lumbar spine and lower extremities because it derives from the _________ ___________ channel, for one reason.