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  1. HT, chest & ST disorders; emotional disorders; disharmony of yin & yang wei channels.
  2. KI 9; (SP 6); SP 12, 13, 15, 16; LV 14; REN 22, 23
  3. 5
  4. Bi & wei syndromes, disorders of the abdomen, disorders of the urogenital system, and disorders of the GB channel
  5. spinal column
  1. a Name 3 pathologies of the yin wei mai according to Ni.
  2. b How many branches does the chong mai have?
  3. c Yin Wei coalescent points.
  4. d 1st branch of the chong ascends inside the _______ _______.
  5. e Name 4 pathologies of the Dai Mai according to Ni.

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  1. Dai mai functions (physiology).
  2. The yang wei mai ascends along the postero-lateral costal region (posterior to the Yang Qiao Mai) to the posterior axillary fold and point ________.
  3. The Yin Wei ascends to the throat to meet the ____________ ________ at Tiantu _______ and ______.
  4. From UB 63, the yang wei mai ascends along the lateral malleolus and the ______ channel of the leg to pass through the hip region.
  5. The yang wei mai crosses the top of the shoulder going thru points _____ & ______ then ascends along the ________ and ______, then passes anterior to the ear as far as the forehead thru the point _________.

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  1. ST 30 (qi chong), KI 11, KI 21, chestChong mai coalescent points


  2. dominates the interior, balances the emotions, links the yin channelsName the 4 functions (physiologies) of the yang wei.


  3. SP 4Yin Wei coupled point.


  4. PC 6Yin Wei master point.


  5. tai yang syndromes, shao yang syndromes, yang qi xu, yang qi shi, emotional disorders, disharmony of yin & yang wei channels, channel obstruction (mostly GB)Name 7 pathologies of the yang wei mai according to Ni.