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  1. SJ 15, GB 21, neck, jaw, GB 13
  2. lower back pain with coldness, abdominal fullness with distension, abnormal vaginal discharge, lymph gland swellings (damp heat)
  3. GB 41
  4. Bi & wei syndromes, disorders of the abdomen, disorders of the urogenital system, and disorders of the GB channel
  5. circulation of Blood and Qi with speed and force, like a waterfall
  1. a The yang wei mai crosses the top of the shoulder going thru points _____ & ______ then ascends along the ________ and ______, then passes anterior to the ear as far as the forehead thru the point _________.
  2. b What is the meaning of "chong?"
  3. c Name 4 specific pathology patterns of the Dai Mai.
  4. d Name 4 pathologies of the Dai Mai according to Ni.
  5. e Yang wei coupled point.

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  1. Xi point of Yin Wei.
  2. Chong mai master point
  3. From UB 63, the yang wei mai ascends along the lateral malleolus and the ______ channel of the leg to pass through the hip region.
  4. Xi cleft of yang wei mai.
  5. Name the 3 functions (physiology) of the yin wei channel.

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  1. SJ 5Yin Wei coupled point.


  2. GB 41Dai mai master point


  3. sea of bloodAnother name for the chong mai.


  4. lower abdomen, uterus in womenChong Mai: 5th branch separates from the ____ branch at the _____, crosses the ______ and terminates at the _____ ______.


  5. cardiac pain, mental instability, epilepsyChong Mai: 3rd branch starts at _______ ascends along the _______, curves around the ______, and terminates below the _______.