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  1. SJ 5
  2. GB 26 (daimai), 27 & 28
  3. near the heel at UB 63
  4. controls & binds all the channels that travel longitudinally; regulates leukorrhea; regulates the GB channel
  5. alternating chills & fever, hyperactivity of yang qi, general lassitude, pain in hypochondriac region
  1. a Dai mai coalescent points
  2. b Dai mai coupled point
  3. c Where does the yang wei mai begin?
  4. d Dai mai functions (physiology).
  5. e Name 4 specific pathology patterns of the yang wei mai according to Ni.

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  1. Dai mai master point
  2. 2 functions (physiology) of Chong Mai
  3. This point is sometimes included as a coalescent point of the Chong because of its name, taichong.
  4. Chong Mai: 5th branch separates from the ____ branch at the _____, crosses the ______ and terminates at the _____ ______.
  5. Yin Wei coalescent points.

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  1. HT, chest & ST disorders; emotional disorders; disharmony of yin & yang wei channels.The Yin Wei ascends to the throat to meet the ____________ ________ at Tiantu _______ and ______.


  2. GB 26 (daimai), gb 27, gb 28Dai mai coalescent points


  3. SI 10The yang wei mai ascends along the postero-lateral costal region (posterior to the Yang Qiao Mai) to the posterior axillary fold and point ________.


  4. hypochondriac regionThe dai mai circles round just below the _________ __________.


  5. perineum, Ren 1Location where the main branch of the chong mai emerges.