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  1. tai yang syndromes, shao yang syndromes, yang qi xu, yang qi shi, emotional disorders, disharmony of yin & yang wei channels, channel obstruction (mostly GB)
  2. PC 6
  3. SJ 5
  4. hypochondriac region
  5. connecting, linking, making a network, gathering channels together
  1. a Dai mai coupled point
  2. b Name 7 pathologies of the yang wei mai according to Ni.
  3. c Name 4 meanings for "wei."
  4. d Yin Wei master point.
  5. e The dai mai circles round just below the _________ __________.

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  1. Where the chong mai begins.
  2. Where the dai mai originates.
  3. Name 3 pathologies of the yin wei mai according to Ni.
  4. Where does the yang wei mai begin?
  5. The yang wei mai crosses the top of the shoulder going thru points _____ & ______ then ascends along the ________ and ______, then passes anterior to the ear as far as the forehead thru the point _________.

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  1. ST 30 (qichong), legs, popliteal fossa, lower leg, sole, footChong Mai: 4th branch emerges at _______, descends the medial aspect of the ______ to the ________ ________, then descends the medial side of the ______ ______, runs posterior to the medial malleolus and terminates on the _________ of the _________.


  2. medial side of leg at KI 9Where does the yang wei mai begin?


  3. KI divergentThe dai mai regulates the areas of the waist, lumbar spine and lower extremities because it derives from the _________ ___________ channel, for one reason.


  4. GB, GB 20, Du (governing), Du 16, Du 15Dai Mai: Runs obliquely downwards through _____ (________), ________, and _________, encircling the waist like a belt.


  5. dominates the interior, balances the emotions, links the yin channelsName the 3 functions (physiology) of the yin wei channel.


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