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A Medical Assistant is preparing a patient who has intermittent peripheral cyanosis for an examination by the provider. The assistant should understand the healthy perfusion of the hands and the feet depends on adequate interaction between which two body systems?
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The medical assistant drops an instrument on the floor while setting up a sterile tray for a procedure. he picks up the instrument and places it back on the sterile field. A few days after the procedure the patient calls the office, concerned that the are surrounding the procedure site is infected. Which of the following torts has the assistant committed?
A MA is preparing a patient who has congestive heart failure (CHF) for an examination by the provider. which of the following manifestations should the assistant expect?SOB shortness of breathA MA has a request to collect a routine CBC from a healthy 10-month-old infant. Which of the following is the most appropriate collection site?the left heelA MA is reinforcing teaching with a patient about the use and care of a transdermal patch. Which of the following instructions should the assistant include in the teaching?Select a different application location for each patchA MA needs to remove all living micro-organisms from a contaminated towel clamp. Which of the following methods should the assistant use to cleanse this instrument?Sterilizationwhich of the following EKG artifacts is caused by a disconnected electrode and results in the tracing going into the margins of the papers?Interrupted baselinea MA is administering heparin subcutaneously to a patient. which of the following actions should the assistant take?Inject medication slowlyA MA is checking a patient's hearing using the weber test. Which of the following actions should the assistant take?Ask the patient if he hears the vibration louder in one hear than the othera provider has requested a dissecting instrument on a sterile tray that a medical assistant is preparing. Which of the following instruments should the assistant include on the tray?ScissorsA MA is preparing a patient who has bilateral below-the-knee amputations for an EKG which of the following sites should the assistant select for electrode placement?AbdomenA MA is witnessing a patient sign an informed consent form. Which of the following is the responsibility of the assistant acting as the witness?validate the patient's signatureWhich of the following cell structures is the source of energy for a cell?Mitochondriaa MA is transcribing a prescription for a medication that a patient should take before meals. which of the following abbreviations should the assistant use to indicate when the patient should take the medications?ac- before mealsA Ma is contacting a patient to schedule a repeat Papanicolaou test due to abnormal results? the assistant should identify that which of the following can interfere with the test results?Using an over the counter vaginal cream prior to the testwhen using a centrifuge a MA should do which of the following to ensure safety and accuracyCap the tubes to avoid emission of aerosolsThe parent of a child who has pinworms is asking a medical assistant for more information about his child's condition. The assistant should begin by explaining that pinworms are which of the following types of micro-organism?Helthminsa clinic schedules off cardiac patients on mondays and wednesdays and all oncology patients on tuesdays and thursdays. Which of the following types of scheduling is the clinic using?Cluster schedulingA MA is preparing to apply ointment to several abrasions on a patients leg. Which of the following supplies should the medical assistant use to remove the medication from the jar?a tongue bladea MA receives a call from a patient who seems anxious about the results of a test. Which of the following responses should the assistant make?I know you are concerned about your test results. we'll call you as soon as your results come ina MA is transcribing a prescription for magnesium sulfate into a patients medical record. What should the assistant use to document this medication?Magnesium SulfateWhich of the following methods is used to notify a provider of the denial of a claim by an insurance carrier?Remittance advicewhich of the following items included on the CMS- 1500 claim form should a MA recognize as indicating the medical necessity of a procedure?Diagnosis codeThe primary code in the CPT coding system consists of how many digits?five digitsA MA is preparing a community resource library. What should she do first?She should compile a list of local community agenciesWhich of the following steps for a fingerstick should a medical assistant complete first?confirm identity of a patienta MA is performing spirometry testing for a patient who has shortness of breath. Which of the following results of the spirometry test indicates a successful maneuver?a fast and steady flow with no variabilitywhich of the following cell structures is instrumental in helping the body mobilize and secrete mucus from the respiratory tract?cilia