Marketing 4-5-6

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Sustainable Marketing/Environmental Sustainability
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Exploratory ResearchResearch to investigate a problem which is not clearly definedDescriptive ResearchGathering data to describe a marketCausal ResearchCause and effect of a direct problemMarketing research processdefine the problem, develop research plan, collect relevant info, develop findings, take marketing actionsSecondary data isfacts and figures that have already been prerecorded prior to the project at handprimary data isfacts and figures that are newly collected relating to the project at handprobability sampling iswhere all members of the population are equally likely to be selected for the samplenon probability sampling iswhere certain members of the population are more likely or even specifically selected to be part of the sampleExperimentationStages of the consumer buying process1. Problem/need recognition 2. Information seeking 3. Evaluation of alternatives 4. Purchase decision 5. Post-purchase evaluationRoutine purchases arePurchases that require little decision making. Every day type stuffLimited purchases aremid cost products-semi frequent purchases from somewhat familiar brandsComplex purchases areoften major cost-infrequent purchases and unfamiliar brands/markets4 factors influencing buying behaviorcultural-social-personal-psychological