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  1. magnanimous
  2. genre
  3. amiable
  4. engender
  5. unanimous
  1. a showing greatness or nobility of mind, above what is low or petty, forgiving, generous
  2. b of one mind, in complete accord
  3. c kind, sort, category
  4. d lovable, good-natured, pleasant and agreeable
  5. e give birth to, create, generate, produce, cause

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  1. evenness of mind or temper, emotional balance, composure, calmness
  2. having to do with love, loving. inclined to love
  3. inflamed with love, charmed, captivated
  4. end of final part of a musical composition, play, opera, etc.
  5. sink to a lower class or standard, grow worse, deteriorate

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  1. influxcontinuous flow or changing, unceasing change


  2. regeneratecause to be born again, put a new life into, reform completely


  3. progenitorancestor to whom a group traces its birth, forefather


  4. Finend, conclusion


  5. affinitykinship, sympathy, liking, attraction