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  1. Flu, Fluc, Flux
  2. Fin
  3. finis
  4. confine
  5. enamored
  1. a end, conclusion
  2. b inflamed with love, charmed, captivated
  3. c keep within limits, restrict
  4. d end, boundary, limit
  5. e Flow

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  1. person who follows a particular pursuit as a pastime, rather than as a profession, or one who preforms poorly; inexperienced person
  2. continuous flow or changing, unceasing change
  3. having to do with love, loving. inclined to love
  4. evenness of mind or temper, emotional balance, composure, calmness
  5. flow like a wave, move up and down, change often and irregularly, be unsteady

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  1. progenitorgive birth to, create, generate, produce, cause


  2. unanimityoneness of mind, complete agreement


  3. animusmind, will, spirit


  4. unanimousill will (usually controlled)


  5. Am, Amorlove, liking, friendliness


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