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  1. finale
  2. Fin
  3. amicable
  4. influx
  5. Fluctuate
  1. a end, boundary, limit
  2. b end of final part of a musical composition, play, opera, etc.
  3. c characterized by friendliness rather than antagonism, friendly, neighborly, not quarrelsome
  4. d flow like a wave, move up and down, change often and irregularly, be unsteady
  5. e inflow, inpouring

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  1. kind, sort, category
  2. person who follows a particular pursuit as a pastime, rather than as a profession, or one who preforms poorly; inexperienced person
  3. oneness of mind, complete agreement
  4. continuous flow or changing, unceasing change
  5. end, conclusion

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  1. animusill will (usually controlled)


  2. amorousill will (usually controlled)


  3. magnanimousof one mind, in complete accord


  4. fluidsubstance that flows, or not rigid, changing easily


  5. engenderkind, sort, category