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  1. animosity
  2. unanimous
  3. unanimity
  4. definitive
  5. enamored
  1. a serving to end an unsettled matter, conclusive, final
  2. b inflamed with love, charmed, captivated
  3. c ill will, violent hatred (usually leading to active opposition)
  4. d of one mind, in complete accord
  5. e oneness of mind, complete agreement

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  1. friendship, goodwill, friendly relations
  2. cause to be born again, put a new life into, reform completely
  3. evenness of mind or temper, emotional balance, composure, calmness
  4. ready with a flow of words, speaking or writing easily
  5. Flow

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  1. progenitorgive birth to, create, generate, produce, cause


  2. Gen, Gener, Genitbirth, kind, class


  3. influxcontinuous flow or changing, unceasing change


  4. confinekeep within limits, restrict


  5. engenderkind, sort, category