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  1. amiable
  2. finis
  3. progenitor
  4. degenerate
  5. amorous
  1. a ancestor to whom a group traces its birth, forefather
  2. b sink to a lower class or standard, grow worse, deteriorate
  3. c end, conclusion
  4. d having to do with love, loving. inclined to love
  5. e lovable, good-natured, pleasant and agreeable

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  1. evenness of mind or temper, emotional balance, composure, calmness
  2. keep within limits, restrict
  3. ready with a flow of words, speaking or writing easily
  4. ill will (usually controlled)
  5. kind, sort, category

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  1. unanimousof one mind, in complete accord


  2. Animmind, will, spirit


  3. unanimityoneness of mind, complete agreement


  4. amicablecharacterized by friendliness rather than antagonism, friendly, neighborly, not quarrelsome


  5. engenderkind, sort, category