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  1. the most honored professional in colonial America was the...
  2. the "triangular trade" involved the sale of rum, molasses, and slaves among the ports of...
  3. agitators
  4. speculation
  5. secular
  1. a New England, Africa, and the West Indies
  2. b buying land or anything else in the hope of profiting by an expected rise in price
  3. c belonging to the worldly sphere rather than to the specifically sacred or churchly
  4. d those who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue
  5. e clergyman

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  1. the frontier areas
  2. greater gaps in wealth and status between rich and poor; however, there was also greater opportunity for convicts and indentured servants to climb to the top
  3. convicts and paupers
  4. a person who works under a master to acquire instruction in a trade or profession
  5. Scots-Irish frontiersmen who protested against colonial elites of Pennsylvania and North Carolina

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  1. the passage of British restrictions on trade encouraged colonial merchants to...find ways to smuggle and otherwise evade the law by trading with other countries


  2. Patrick Henrythose who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue


  3. almshousea home for poor, supported by charity or public funds


  4. Great Awakeningpopular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate


  5. tenant farmerthe body of criminal laws specifying offenses and prescribing punishments