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  1. the passage of British restrictions on trade encouraged colonial merchants to...
  2. an unfortunate group of involuntary immigrants who ranked even below indentured servants on the American social scale were...
  3. the most honored professional in colonial America was the...
  4. Johnathan Edwards
  5. Regulator Movement
  1. a convicts and paupers
  2. b brilliant New England theologian who instigated the Great Awakening
  3. c find ways to smuggle and otherwise evade the law by trading with other countries
  4. d clergyman
  5. e rebellious movement of frontiersmen in the southern colonies that included future President Andrew Jackson

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  1. the case that established the precedent that true statements about public officials could not be prosecuted as libel
  2. Anglicans and Congregationalists
  3. popular term for convicted criminals dumped on colonies by British authorities
  4. the smaller group at the top of a society or institution, usually possessing wealth, power, or special privileges
  5. eloquent lawyer-orator who argued in defense of colonial rights

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  1. collegesdominant religious group in colonial Pennsylvania, criticized by others for their attitudes towards Indians


  2. agitatorsthose who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue


  3. councilthe upper house of a colonial legislature, appointed by the crown or the proprietor


  4. the Anglican Church suffered in colonial America because of...agriculture


  5. compared with the seventeenth century, American colonial society in the eighteenth century showed...greater gaps in wealth and status between rich and poor; however, there was also greater opportunity for convicts and indentured servants to climb to the top