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  1. veto
  2. taverns
  3. Johnathan Edwards
  4. revival
  5. Dutch
  1. a the executive power to prevent acts passed by the legislature from becoming law
  2. b in religion, a movement of renewed enthusiasm and commitment, often accompanied by special meetings or evagelical activity
  3. c popular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate
  4. d corruption of a German word used as a term for German immigrants in Pennsylvania
  5. e brilliant New England theologian who instigated the Great Awakening

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  1. one who rents rather than owns land
  2. nonestablished religious group that benefited from the Great Awakening
  3. the capacity to pass readily from one social or economic condition to another
  4. ministers who supported the Great Awakening against the "old light" clergy who rejected it
  5. established religion in southern colonies and New York; weakened by lackadaisical clergy and too-close ties with British crown

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  1. Jayle Birdspopular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate


  2. an unfortunate group of involuntary immigrants who ranked even below indentured servants on the American social scale were...convicts and paupers


  3. gentrylandowners of substantial property, social standing, and leisure, but not titled nobility


  4. the passage of British restrictions on trade encouraged colonial merchants to...find ways to smuggle and otherwise evade the law by trading with other countries


  5. John Singleton Copleycolonial printer whose case helped begin freedom of the press


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