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  1. German settlement in the colonies was especially heavy in...
  2. melting pot
  3. taverns
  4. Molasses Act
  5. Scots-Irish
  1. a ethnic group that had already relocated once before immigrating to America and settling largely on the Western frontier of the middle and southern colonies
  2. b attempt by British authorities to squelch colonial trade with French West Indies
  3. c the mingling of diverse ethnic groups in America, including the idea that these groups are or should be "melting" into a single culture or people
  4. d Pennsylvania
  5. e popular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate

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  1. established religion in southern colonies and New York; weakened by lackadaisical clergy and too-close ties with British crown
  2. in religion, a movement of renewed enthusiasm and commitment, often accompanied by special meetings or evagelical activity
  3. rebellious movement of frontiersmen in the southern colonies that included future President Andrew Jackson
  4. the natural fertility of the population
  5. a home for poor, supported by charity or public funds

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  1. the primary source of livelihood for most colonial Americans was...agriculture


  2. Baptistsnonestablished religious group that benefited from the Great Awakening


  3. Quakersdominant religious group in colonial Pennsylvania, criticized by others for their attitudes towards Indians


  4. besides offering rest and refreshment, colonial taverns served an important function as centers of...Pennsylvania


  5. apprenticelandowners of substantial property, social standing, and leisure, but not titled nobility