APII lab- upper extremity

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Deltoid (anterior)
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infraspinatus actionlateral rotation of armteres minor originlateral border of scapulateres minor insertiongreater tubercle of humerusteres minor actionexternal rotationteres minor innervationaxillary nervesubscapularis originsubscapular fossasubscapularis insertionlesser tubercle of humerussubscapularis actioninternal rotationsubscapularis innervationsubscapular nerveTrapezius (top) originC1-C7Trapezius (top) insertionclavicle 1/3trapezius (top) actiondraws scapula superiorlyTrapezius (middle) originT1-T5Trapezius (middle) insertionacromiontrapezius (middle) actiondraws scapula mediallytrapezius (bottom) origint5-t12trapezius (bottom) actiondraws scapula medially downwardTrapezius InnervationAccessory nerve (CN XI)biceps brachii (long head) originsupraglenoid tubercle of scapulabicep brachii (short head) origincoracoid process of scapulabicep brachii insertionradial tuberositybicep brachii innervationMusculocutaneous nerve (C5, C6)bicep brachii actionFlexes and supinates forearmBrachialis originhumerusbrachialis insertionulnar tuberositybrachialis innervationmusculocutaneous nervebrachialis actionflexes elbowtriceps brachii (long head) origininfraglenoid tubercle of scapulatriceps brachii (medial head) originposterior surface of humerustriceps brachii (lateral head) originposterior humerustriceps insertionolecranon process of ulnatriceps brachii innervationRadial nerve (C6, C7, C8)triceps brachii actionextends forearmpronator teres originmedial epicondyle of humerus and coronoid process of ulnapronator teres insertionlateral radiuspronator teres innervationMedian nerve (C6, C7)pronator teres actionpronates forearmflexor carpi radialis originmedial epicondyleflexor carpi radialis insertionmetacrapalsflexor carpi radialis innervationMedian nerve (C6, C7)flexor carpi radialis actionwrist flexion and abductionpalmaris longus originmedial epicondyle of humeruspalmaris longus insertionpalmar aponeurosispalmaris longus innervationMedian nerve (C7, C8)palmaris longus actionflexes wristflexor carpi ulnaris originmedial epicondyleflexor carpi ulnaris insertionpisiform, hook of hamate, base of 5th metacarpalflexor carpi ulnaris innervationUlnar nerveflexor carpi ulnaris actionwrist flexion, ulnar deviationflexor digitorum superficialis originmedial epicondyleflexor digitorum superficialis innervationmedianflexor carpi superficialis insertion2-5 digitsflexor digitorum superficialis actionbrachioradialis originlateral epicondyle of humerusbrachioradialis insertionstyloid process of radiusBrachioradialis innervationradial nervebrachioradialis actionflexes forearmextensor carpi radialis longus originlateral epicondyle of humerusextensor carpi radialis longus insertionbase of 2nd metacarpalextensor carpi radialis longus innervationradial nerveextensor carpi radialis longus actionwrist extension, radial deviationextensor carpi radialis brevis originlateral epicondyleextensor carpi radialis brevis insertionbase of 3rd metacarpalextensor carpi radialis brevis innervationradial nerveextensor carpi radialis brevis actionwrist extension radial deviation