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what is the relationship between the rebellion in andover and the fight of abigail and mercy lewis?

in andover the towns people are rebelling against the trials.

why is parris upset?

she ran away w/ all his money

why is it important for the court to get one of the accused respectable citizens, such as john proctor or rebecca nurse to confess?

it discredits everyone else.

why is rev. hale telling the accused to lie?

he doesn't believe they're guilty

what is theat court desires of elizabeth proctor?

they want her to get her husband to confess

how did giles corey die? why?

he was pressed to death.

why does proctor call himself a fraud?

if he had not commited adultery.he has sinned

what responsibility does elizabeth accept for proctors lechery? what else does she advise him to do?

because of her insecurity. she wasn' t passionate toward john.

after proctor confesses to witch craft what else does danforth want from him?

to sign the document of confession

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