IC Chapter 2 Terms

Cultural Universals
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Nuclear familyconsists of father, mother and childrenExtended familyconsists of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.Polygyny (Polygamy)one man with many wives (Arabic countries, Islam)Polyandryone woman with many husbands. (Polynesian nations)Monogamyone husband and wife (North/South Amer, Asia, Europe, parts of Africa.Serial Monogamya number of different monogamous marriages. (US practices this).Patriarchalfather oriented family (father displays most authority)Matriarchalmother oriented family (mother displays most authority)Social HierarchyA categorization of people into a society to create social structure.Social reciprocitythe way in which formal and informal communications are handled.Group membershipwhich groups you choose to be a part of.Intermediariespeople who act as go-betweens with other people.Formalitythe degree of preciseness, regularity, or conformity expected within the society.PropertySomething that is or may be possessed. (Private, utilitarian, or community)Hierarchical divisionsSocial classes, gender, ethnic groups, castes, tribes.Human Development Index (HDI)used to measure individual purchasing power, health and education for the population as a whole and for women.