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With regard to environmental sustainability, which of the following explains an advantage of urban light-rail networks in Europe and East Asia compared to most light-rail systems in United States cities?
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Transit-oriented development in Southeast Asian cities is an innovative strategy to minimize crippling traffic jams. One aspect of transit-oriented development is the use of dedicated rapid-transit bus lanes to more efficiently connect residential neighborhoods with activity nodes. An added benefit of this strategy that would appeal to advocates of sustainable city-development programs is the
As old central business districts and industrial zones in more developed countries lost businesses and employment in the mid- to late twentieth century, suburban development expanded. Which of the following types of cities resulted from rapid suburban growth and the expansion of retail areas, office developments, business centers, and corporate headquarters to provide jobs and services in suburban areas?
Compare the centralized power of the Soviet Union with the contemporary Russian Federation, in terms of the control of territory. Which of the following statements does the information in the map best support?Russia is an ethnically diverse region with many subnational units.Which of the following events could be a threat to a state's sovereignty at the national scale, while holding a region together at the global scale?Admittance into a supranational organization such as the European Union