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psychology chapter 4 progress test 1

Dr. Ross believes that principles of natural selection help explain why infants come to fear strangers about the time they become mobile. Dr Ross is most likely to be a
evolutionary psychologist
A pair of adopted children or tiviersst culttwins reared in the same home are most likely to have a similar
religious beliefs
collectivist cultures...
give priority to the goals of their groups, value the maintenance of social harmony, foster social interdependence
If a fraternal twin develops schizophrenia, the likelihood of the other twin developing serious mental illness is much lower than with identical twins. this suggests that
schizophrenia is influenced by genes
of the following the best way to separate the effects of genes and environment in research is to study...
a. fraternal twins
b. identical twins
c.adopted children and their adoptive paretns.
d. identical twins raised in different environments.
d. identical twins raised in different environments
Through natural selection, the traits that are most likely to be passed on to succeeding generations are those that contribute to
a. temperament
b. survival
c. aggressiveness
d. social power
Which of the following is not true regarding gender and sexuality?
1. men more often than women attribute a woman's friendliness to sexual interest.
2. women are more likely than men to cite affection as a reason fro first intercourse
3. men are more likely than females to initiate sexual activities
4. gender differences in sexuality are noticeably absent among gay men and lesbian women.
gender differences in sexuality are noticeably absent among gay men and lesbian women
evolutionary psychologist attribute gender differences in sexuality to the fact hat women have
lower reproductive potential than men
according to evolutionary psychology, men are drawn sexually to women who seem___, while women are attracted to men who seem...
youthful and fertile, mature and affluent
unlike____twins, who develop from a single fertilized egg, ____ twins develop from separate fertilized eggs
identical, fraternal
temperament refers to a person's characteristic
emotional re activity and intensity
when evolutionary psychologists use the word fitness, they are specifically referring to
our ability to survive and reproduce
the traditions of a culture are passed from one generation to the next by means of
phyiological tests reveal that anxious, inhibited infants,
have high and variable heart rates
which of the following most accurately expresses the extent of parental influence on personality?
a. it is more extensive than most people believe.
b. it is more weaker today than in the past
c. it is more limited than popular psychology supposes.
d. it is almost completely unpredictable
c. it is more limited than popular psychology supposes
gender refers to
a. the biological and social definition of male and female.
b. the biological definition of male and female.
c. one's sense of being male or female.
d. the extent to which one exhibits traditionally male or female traits.
the biological and social definition of male and female
the fertilized egg will develop into a boy if, at conception...
a. the sperm contributes an x chromosome.
b. the sperm contributes a y chromosome.
c. the egg contributes an x chromosome.
d. the egg contributes a y chromosome.
b. the sperm contributes a y chromosome.
which of the following is an example of relation aggression?
a.billy kicks bobby in the shin because he is mad at him.
b. Sam yells at his dog for having chewed his favorite slippers.
c. Suzy and Sarah refuse to let shy Cindy join their secret club
d. fumbling for her keys, Joanne drops a heavy book on her friend's foot.
a. example of physical aggression.
b. verbal aggression.
d. this is an accident.
c. is the answer, aggression involves physical or verbal behavior that is intended to hurt some1 psychically or verbally.
the hormone testosterone
stimulates growth of the male sex organs.
research studies have found that when infant rats and premature human babies are regularly touched or massaged they,
a. become attached to the person doing the massaging.
b. develop faster neurologically.
c. have more agreeable temperaments.
d. do none of these things
d. do none of these things
x chromosome
the sex chromosome found in both women and men
an understood rule for accepted and expected behavior
twins that develop from separate eggs
the biochemical units of heredity
a complex molecule containing the genetic information that makes up the chromosomes
twins that develop from a single egg
y chromosome
the sex chromosome found only in the men
gender role
a set of expected bheaviors or males and females
gender identity
one's personal sense of being female or male
gender typing
the acquisition of a traditional gender role
non genetic influences