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More infromation will be added on monday. I dont have all the notes from Mrs.Powell yet. Sorry!


roman name- Jupiter
god of- the gods and of mankind
symbol- Thunderbold, eagle, aegis, & oak tree
Married to Hera


roman name- Juno
goddess of- queen of the gods
symbol- peacock & cow
sister and wife of Zeus; protector of marrage


roman name- Ceres
goddess of- wheat, corn, and crops (agriculture)
symbol- wheat
sister of zeus and mother of Persephone


roman name- Proserpina
Goddess of- queen of the underworld
symbol- pomegranate
Daughter of Demeter & wife of Hades: spends 4 months in the underworld & 8 months with mother, Demeter


roman name- Minerva
goddess of- wisdom, strategic war, and weaving
symbol- Owl, olive, tree, helmet, & spear
Daughter of Zeus: has no mother (sprang from Zeus's head in full armor)


roman name- Mars
god of - war
symbol- vulture, dogs, weapons
Son of Zeus and Hera, loves Violent war


roman name- Apollo
god of- the sun, music, poetry, & medicine
Son of Zeus: twin brother of Artimis


roman name- Diana
goddes of- the moon and hunting
Symbol- Deer, cypress, bow & arrow
Daughter of Zeus; twin sister of apollo; patroness of maidens


roman name- Vesta
goddess of- hearth & home
symbol- hearth & fire
Sister of Zeus


roman name- Neptune
god of- the sea, horses and eathquakes
symbol, trident, horses, dolphins
Brother of Zeus


roman name- Pluto
god of- the underworld
symbol- helmet to make him invisible
Brother of Zeus & husband of Persephone


roman name- Mercury
god of- commerce, travelers, and thieves
symbol- winged cap, winged sandals, caducaus
son of Zeus; is the messenger of the gods


roman name- Vulcan
god of- fire, forger of armor
symbol- anvil & forge
Son of Hera (and Zeus?); blacksmith for the gods; husband of Aphridite


roman name- Venus
goddess of- love and beauty
symbol- dove, myrtle, & rose
Born from sea foam; mother of Eros (cupid); married to Hephaestus


ramon name- Cupid
god of- Love
symbol- Heart pierced with arrows
Son of Aphrodite


roman name- Bacchus
god of- Wine and theater
symbols- Ivy, grapes, & leopards
Son of Zeus

What are the 3 kinds of myths?

1.) Nature
2.) Behavoir
3.) Entertainment

What was at the beginning of the universe?


Who were the cyclopses?

Children of Cronos and Rhea. Cronos was disgusted with them and threw them into Tartarus. They were the 1st blacksmiths.

Who were the 3 Titans to make it out of Tartarus?

Promethius, Epimethius, and Atlas.

Who gave birth to Zeus?

Cronus & Rhea.

Who were the "Big 12"?

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera, & Demeter.

Who opened Pandora's box?


What was the only thing that stayed in Pandora's box?


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