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Paro, parare

to prepare

laboro, laborare

to work

intro, intrare

to enter

clamo, clamare

to shout

laudo, laudare

to praise

exspecto, exspectare

to wait for

porto, portare

to carry

voco, vocare

to call vocal

ambulo, ambulare

to walk, ambulance

vitupero, vituperare

to tell off, vituperate

rogo, rogare

to ask, interrogation

do, dare

to give dative

specto, spectare

to watch spectator

sto, stare

to stand stance

neco, necare

to kill

festino, festinare

to hurry

celebro, celebrare

to celebrate,

sedeo, sedere

to sit

respondeo, respondere

to respond

rideo, ridere

to laugh ridiculous

video, videre

to see video

habeo, habere

to have

maneo, manere

to stay

terreo, terrere

to frighten to terror

exerceo, exercere


surgo, surgere

to rise

ago, agere

to do

coquo, coquere


vendo, vendere

to sell,,,,,, vendor

emo, emere

to buy

scribo, scribere

to write, script

intellego, intellegere

to understand

curro, currere

to run current

procedo, procedere

to go forward

duco, ducere

to lead

agnosco, agnoscere

to recognize

ostendo, ostendere

to show,

trado, tradere

to hand over????

cupio, cupere

I desire, I want

recipio, recipere

take back

facio, facere

to make, do

inspicio, inspicere

to examine

dormio, dormire

to sleep

audio, audire

to hear,

venio, venire

to come

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