Chapter 17: The Progressive Era

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Progressive Movement
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Seventeenth AmendmentDirect election of senators.NACW(National Association of Colored Women) founded in 1986, by merging two earlier organizations.Susan B. AnthonyA leading proponent of women suffrage.SuffrageThe right to vote.Upton SinclairA muckraking journalist who did research for a novel in 1904 focusing on human condition in stockyards of Chicago.The JungleBook written by Sinclair focusing on the conditions of the meatpacking industry.Square DealRoosevelt Administration nameMeat Inspection ActDictated strict cleanliness for meatpackers and created the program of federal meat inspection.Pure food and Drug ActHalted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called for truth in labeling.ConservationistsRoosevelt and Pinchot preserved areas and made them into National Parks.NAACPThe National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Wanted Equality for All Races.Gifford PinchotHead of U.S. Forest Service under President RooseveltWilliam Howard TaftRoosevelt handpicked his Secretary Of War, William Howard Taft to run for PresidentPayne-Aldrich TariffA compromise that only moderated the high rates of the Aldrich BillBull Moose PartyAnother name for the Progressive Party and name used for when Roosevelt ran again against Taft.Woodrow WilsonA reform governor of New Jersey who became President. (Democratic)Hepburn Act of 1906Strictly limited the distribution of free passes, a common form of bribery, Also ICC Power to set maximum railroad rates.Clayton Antitrust Act1914Sought to strengthen the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890Federal Trade Commission (FTC)Agency that was to investigate possible violations of regulatory states, to require periodic reports from corporations, and to put an end to unfair business practices.Carrie Chapman Cattcalled an emergency suffrage convention in September 1916, and invited President Wilson, who cautiously supported suffrage.Federal Reserve SystemBasis of the Nation's banking system.Nineteenth AmendmentGranted Women the Right to Vote in 1919.