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Factors in the rise of dictators in Africa
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influences on the climates of Africa*Longitude *Wind SystemsTutankhamunTomb was discovered intactClimatic forces make Namib Desert*Dry *Arid *Limited rainfallCAUSE - The Sahara is difficult to navigateEFFECT - Migration is limited between northern and southern AfricaCAUSE - Arabic is spoken, Islam is practiced and economies are developingEFFECT - North Africa is a distinct regionCAUSE - Use of many languages, practice of many religions and level of economic development variesEFFECT - Sub-Saharan Africa is a distinct regionCAUSE - Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming more and more aridEFFECT - Subsistence farmers will have to rely on less and less food to surviveCAUSE - Oil and natural gas, gold and precious metals, fresh water sources with arable landEFFECT - Sub-Saharan Africa is attractive to entrepreneurs and businessesCAUSE - People have to figure out how to deal with disease, conflict and famineEFFECT - Migration and emigration occurCAUSE - Countries import more foodEFFECT - A countries debt increases