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Good for spelling practice.


Cervical Vertebrae #1 (C1)


Cervical Vertebrae #2 (C2)

Cervical Vertebrae

Name for the 1st 7 vertebrae of the spinal column

Thoracic Vertebrae

Name for the 12 vertebrae in the middle of the spinal column

Lumbar Vertebrae

Name for the 5 vertebrae in the lower region of the spinal column


Large bone at near the base of the spinal column, made from 5 fused vertebrae


Tail bone

Vertebral Foramen

Large opening in the center of the vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes

Intervertebral Disks

Pads of fibrocartilage that are stacked in between the bones of the spinal column

Intervertebral Foramen

Openings on the sides of the spinal column when 2 or more vertebrae are stacked together; allows spinal nerves to exit the spinal cord

Spinous process

Bony projection that comes off of the posterior portion of the vertebrae

Transverse process

Bony projection(s) that come off of the sides of the vertebrae

Odontoid process

Bony projection that comes off of the top of the (C2) axis



Xiphoid Process

Cartilaginous projection that comes off of the base of the sternum


Top portion of the sternum

True Ribs

Ribs #1-7

False Ribs

Ribs #8, 9, 10,

Floating Ribs

Ribs #11, 12,

Transverse Foramen

Hole on the end of the transverse process.

Superior Facet


Costal Articular Facets

Small smooth area at the junction of the body and the vertebral arch (2 on each side)

Anterior & Posterior tubercle

Bony point that protrudes laterally from cervical vertebrae.

Jugular notch

Superior portion of the manubrium.

Sternal Angle

Superior to the sternum

Sternocostal Joint

Joint between the sternum and the costal.

Sternomanubrial Joint

Joint between the manubrium and the sternum.

Costochondral Joint

joint between the costal cartilage and the condyle.

Costal Cartilage

serves as a bridge between sternum and rib.

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