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What color would a gram-negative cell look and why would it be this color
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Based on Kochs postulates, how would we know that a particular microbe is responsible for a particular infectionFind the organism responsible for the infection, create a pure culture of the organism, infect a new host else with it, check for re-infectionviruses can only replicate when they are _______ host cellsWithinAll prokaryotes...Lack a membrane bound nucleusMicrobiologist usually study what type of microbial growth?Population growthThese microbes are known to live in some unlikely habitats, what would you tell meExtremophilesvirulence isability of a microbe to replicate itselfwhich of these is true about the lysogenic cycle of a virusEnters its own genetic information into host genomeWhat makes a bacterium a bacteriumPeptidoglycan in their cell wallsWhat is not a truism about antibioticsthey will resist viral infectionsLateral gene transfer is important because it increases the speed at which microbes evolve. How would you describe lateral gene transferGenes being passed from microbe to microbe in a non-inherited patternWhere are the most microbes present in your bodyLarge intestineWhich is true about bacterial cell wall compositionGram negative stain pinkIf i've got photosynthetic prokaryotic cell which releases o2 into the atmosphere what do i haveCyanobacteriumPeople in the villages (the big retirement community in FL) have non-motile, coccoid, gram-negative prokaryote with very small genomes, it tends to obtain ATP from its hostChlamyidaeA bacteria which is common in all of our intestine's aids with digestion isFirmicuteswhich is not a reason we love cyanobacteriaThey never hurt our ecosystems(they do hurt it)what is true about en situ conservation and ex situ conservationEn situ conservation is preservation of species in their habitat, whereas ex situ conservation is preservation of species outside their habitatsKoch's postulates show the link between______ _______ and a ______ _______Specific disease Specific microbemicrobes accumulate high amounts of genetic variation through a unique ability to perform gene transfer... which of these is not a form of genetic transfer amongst bacteriaTransmutationWhich is one of the tenants of Koch's theoremall are tenants organism must be present in ALL cases of the disease the organism must be culturable the organism must be able to infect a new hostWhat is biodiversity?The different relationships in ecosystemsif you were to find a cocci where would you find itAquatic environmentsif you were to find a bacillus where would you find itIntestinesIf you were to find a spirilla where would you find itMuddy substrateswhich statement is false about gram positive and gram negative bacteria?Most pathogenic bacteria are gram positivenumber the postulates from1-41. Microbe present in individuals suffering from the disease and absent from healthy individuals 2. Microbe must be isolated and grown in pure culture away from host 3. if organisms from pure culture are injected into a healthy experimental animal, disease symptoms appear 4. Organism isolated is once again grown in pure culture and demonstrated to be the same as the originalwhat is not true about the lag phaseit always takes the same amount of time (time varies)if you are looking at lakes and trying to study a bacterium that grows there, which bacterium should you study due to their abundance in this area?Cyanobacteriaif you get a bacterial pathogen which lineage, would it most likely be fromproteobacteriawhat is NOT true about log phaseMost culture experiments aren't conducted in this phasewhat happens in the stationary phaseA,B Microbes may undergo starvation response total number of viable cells remains constantWhat happens in the death phaseB,C The cells are dying death rate can slow down because of increase in resistant cellsIf you were talking to your grandma and she asked why biodiversity is decreasing , you would say well grandma biodiversity is decreasing becauseB,C habitat degradation overexploitationWhat is the MAIN reason biodiversity decreasing everywherehabitat destructionwhich is not an effect of climate changedeforestationhow are archaea and bacteria so diverseAll of the above Very old lineage-had billions of years to evolve can live in diverse environments beacuse of diverse metabolic pathways mutation rate is high short generation timeHow many domains of life are there?3: Bacteria; Archaea; EukaryaName the shapes and grouping mechanisms of prokaryotescocci, baccius, spirillium. strepto/strips/chains staphylo: clumps/cluster