The Hawthorne Studies


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Hawthorne Studies
Scientific management perspective and sought to determine how economic incentives and physical conditions affected the workers. The study couldn't find a relationship between the 2 when they expected that better lighting would improve performance in a factory
Hawthorne #2
6 workers were given daily breaks, work days and etc as production was measured then they took away those privileges The results showed no relationship between changes in physical working conditions and output. Productivity increased regardless of changes made. 2 factors singled out: pleasant group atmosphere.
Participative supervision: employee feed back encouraged.
Hawthorne #3
People would restrict their work performance to avoid displeasure of the group, even if it meant sacrificing pay. Groups can have strong negative or positive influences on individual productivity.
Hawthorne Effect
The tendency of people who are singled out for special attention to perform as anticipated because of the expectations created by the situation.