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Sat Vocab Words for English 1 H

varied; mixed; consisting of different kinds or

Instead of putting similar students together, the school created heterogeneous classes.

The science show had many heterogeneous ideas and discoveries.

Greek- heteros -different

Heterogeneous; adjective

unable to erase or remove; permanent

Mr. Kim's words left an indelible impression on Ken, who never forgot his counselor's advice.

Everything that goes on the internet suddenly becomes indelible.

Latin- indelebilis- imperishable

Indelible; adjective

unfairness; injustice

It is an inequity when Jim chops wood for two dollars, and Al gets five dollars for the same work.

It is an inequity whenever one person does all the work yet many others get the credit as well.

Latin- aequus- even, just, equal

Inequity; noun

to act or make a request in behalf of another
person; interfere

Mr. Green interceded on her behalf by asking the principal to give the girl one more chance.

Little did he know that if he he interceded, he would have died.

Latin- intercedere- intervene, come between, be between

Intercede; verb

to put side by side to compare and contrast

If you juxtapose the two sculptures, you can see that one is larger than the other

You juxtapose many shapes and angles in geometry.

Latin- juxta- beside, near

Juxtapose; verb

very talkative

In that loquacious class the teacher can hardly get a word in edgewise

The loquacious mayor put everyone to sleep after 3 hours into his 6 hour speech.

Latin- loquax- talkative

Loquacious; adjective

to speak ill of; to damage the reputation of; to

Bill was maligned by his enemies, who spread vicious stories about his addiction to gambling.

Joe was physically bullied and maligned by Bill in elementary school.

Latin- malignare- to do maliciously

Malign; verb

to shame; to humiliate; to destroy the self respect
of; to disgrace

Christina was mortified when her little brother read her secret diary aloud to her friends.

Jim was mortified because he didn't give into blackmail.

Latin- mors- death

Mortify; verb

to shut out; to exclude from a society or group; to

When the gang ostracizes a member, no one is allowed to speak to him.

He was ostracized by his friends after his release from jail for doing drugs.

Greek- ostrakizein- tile, potsherd

Ostracize; verb

possible; seemingly try but possibly untrue; likely;

Penny's story about who dented the fender seems plausible, but we still have our doubts.

Just because something is very plausible doesn't make it true.

Latin- plausibilis- deserving applause, acceptable

Plausible; adjective

pure; unspoiled; original

Pristine wilderness is hard to find theses days most of the land has been alerted in some way.

The kitchen was in pristine condition, being new and unused.

Latin- pristinus- former

Pristine; adjective

(n) kickback; reaction; (v) to draw back in fear or

Startled by the huge grizzly bear on the road in front of her, Jessica recoiled in fear.

Sarah recoiled from the argument when Pete threatened to let out certain information that she didn't want anyone to know.

Latin- re- back

Recoil; noun/verb

very careful and precise about details

Cal is meticulous in every detail, unlike his sloppy and careless sister Sal.

The meticulous work and detail put into the carving was incredible.

Latin- meticulosus- fearful, timid

Meticulous; adjective

to negate; to undo; to void; to cancel out

The SAT scores didn't count; they were nullified after a report of widespread cheating on the exam.

Bill's transaction was nullified because the bank found out about about his identity being stolen and stopped all incoming and outgoing actions.

Latin- nullus- not any

Nullify; verb

to make holes in; to pierce or puncture

Deedee perforated the top of the shoebox wit a fork to make air holes for her pet lizard.

Perforated paper in a notebook is both useful and convenient as it can be torn out and used or used as a notebook.

Latin- perforare- bore or pierce through

Perforate; verb

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