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  1. Mary (Queen of Scots)
  2. Knox
  3. Battle of Lepanto
  4. Advice on the Reform of the Church
  5. Sea Beggars
  1. a Abdicated Scottish throne due to the scandal; imprisoned and eventually executed by Elizabeth I.
  2. b Book that blamed church for problems and called for reforms that would convince the Protestants to return to the the Catholic Church.
  3. c Calvinist leaders that gained control of some ports in the Northern Spanish Netherlands.
  4. d Phillip II's war against the Ottoman Empire in defense of the Catholic Church
  5. e Leader of the Scottish Calvinists that preached the people could overthrow a corrupt prince to defend their beliefs and God's beliefs. He thought of the government as capitalist. Government had certain obligations to the people.

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  1. One of the winners of the 30YW.
  2. Swedish king who led the Swedes to victory at the Battle of Luzten.
  3. Lieutenant of Phillip II who checked Protestant gains by internal church reforms. He wanted to break down local autonomy of the Netherlands.
  4. A special body of enforcing moral discipline that was set up as a court to oversee the moral life and doctrinal purity of the Genevans; had the right to punish people who deviated from the church's teachings and moral principals. (Council of 12 church elders)
  5. Son of Jane Seymour and Henry VII. His nobles followed Protestant policies. Died in 1553. His half sister Mary came into power.

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  1. companionate marriageMarriage based on love; gave wives equality with their husbands.


  2. MelancthonEnglish monarch who annoyed the Spanish by sending aid to the Dutch rebels and executing her Catholic cousin, Mary Queen of Scots.


  3. Anne BoleynYoung court woman that Henry VII wanted to marry.


  4. Zwingli vs. Catholic8000 Catholics vs. 1000 Zwingli. The Catholic church won and led to the decline of the Zwingli of religion.


  5. Treaty of MunsterDocument that recognized the Dutch Netherlands' independence from Spain (1648)


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