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  1. Gustavus Adolphus
  2. Diet of Worms
  3. Tetzel
  4. Index of Prohibited Books
  5. Knox
  1. a Swedish king who led the Swedes to victory at the Battle of Luzten.
  2. b Church agent who sold indulgences in Bradenburg, North Germany. Convinced people to buy indulgences.
  3. c Charles V summoned a council of German princes to talk about Luther.
  4. d Leader of the Scottish Calvinists that preached the people could overthrow a corrupt prince to defend their beliefs and God's beliefs. He thought of the government as capitalist. Government had certain obligations to the people.
  5. e A weapon of the Counter-Reformation of the Catholic Church; this documented books that disagreed with or criticized the Church.

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  1. Member of the Dutch council of state who wanted to place political autonomy of the Netherlands above religious creeds.
  2. King of Denmark that was defeated by Germany and gave Maximilian I power.
  3. Town seized by Anabaptists in which they combined religious fanaticism with reign of terror. They burned all books other than the bible. The leader was John Bockleson.
  4. Church offices granted by the ruler of the state or the pope to an individual. The selling of positions.
  5. Hapsburg king of Spain who chose Catholic rule incited the revolt in the Spanish Netherlands.

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  1. Thirty Year's WarDocument that recognized the Dutch Netherlands' independence from Spain (1648)


  2. Battle of LepantoFrench document signed by Henry IV in 1598 which granted Huguenots some measure of religious freedom.


  3. Catherine de MediciWife of Henry VII that bore him a daughter, Mary, but not son.


  4. theocracyA church run state.


  5. Cardinal GranvelleEnglish Church


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