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  1. Elizabeth I
  2. the Downs
  3. Siege of Maastricht
  4. Mary (Queen of Scots)
  5. Whittenburg
  1. a Where 95 Theses was posted.
  2. b Vicious battles in underground mines and counter mines dug around the city (1579)
  3. c At the Battle of _______, the Dutch destroyed a Spanish armada of 77 ships, contributing to the permanent of Spanish naval power in the Atlantic.
  4. d Abdicated Scottish throne due to the scandal; imprisoned and eventually executed by Elizabeth I.
  5. e England's ablest and most popular monarch. She made a compromise between Protestantism and Catholicism for the Anglican Church.

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  1. Member of the Dutch council of state who wanted to place political autonomy of the Netherlands above religious creeds.
  2. Protestant alliance formed by Lutherans against the HRE/Charles V
  3. A book written by Cervantes. The book was written to satirize the chivalric romances then in popular Spain.
  4. The term used to describe the changing of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ .
  5. Hapsburg general who led the HRE in winning what is known as the Danish phase of the war.

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  1. Catholic ReformationResult of the disagreement between Henry VIII and the Pope, created the Church of England or Anglican Church which was separate from the Catholic Church, still left little room for religious freedom


  2. Ferdinand ISon of Jane Seymour and Henry VII. His nobles followed Protestant policies. Died in 1553. His half sister Mary came into power.


  3. HuguenotsFrench Calvinists


  4. Defenestration of PragueWife of Henry VII that bore him a daughter, Mary, but not son.


  5. Defender of the FaithConciliar instrument of the Catholic Counter-Reformation which reaffirmed the seven sacraments, emphasized both faith and good works as important in achieving salvation, and stated that the Latin Vulgate was the only valid translations of the Bible.