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  1. Amsterdam
  2. Calvin
  3. William of Orange
  4. Spiritual Exercises
  5. Inquisition
  1. a Institution of the Catholic Church that sought to eliminate heresy by seeking out and punishing heretics
  2. b Written by Ignatius of Loyola. This was a training manual for spiritual development and strengthened people to follow the will of God.
  3. c Founder of Calvinism that had an easier break from CC. Introduced the idea of predestination. Wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion. Created a theocracy in Geneva.
  4. d City that inherited the trade from Antwerp. Became the commercial capital of Europe.
  5. e Member of the Dutch council of state who wanted to place political autonomy of the Netherlands above religious creeds.

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  1. Henry VIII's chief advisor that tried to help the pope annul Henry VIII.
  2. Leader of the Scottish Calvinists that preached the people could overthrow a corrupt prince to defend their beliefs and God's beliefs. He thought of the government as capitalist. Government had certain obligations to the people.
  3. Declared by the Catholic Church as the only acceptable form of scripture.
  4. Wife of Henry VII that bore him a daughter, Mary, but not son.
  5. Documents issued to decrease the amount of time in purgatory.

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  1. BohemiaPortion of the HRE in which Protestants rebelled against the Austrian Hapsburgs in 1681.


  2. ConsistoryA special body of enforcing moral discipline that was set up as a court to oversee the moral life and doctrinal purity of the Genevans; had the right to punish people who deviated from the church's teachings and moral principals. (Council of 12 church elders)


  3. Peace of WestphaliaTreaty which ended the Thirty Years' War, reducing Spain and Austria's influence and continuing the division of the HRE into 3000 autonomous states.


  4. Paul IIIPope who was responsible for launching the Catholic Counter-Reformation.


  5. TetzelChurch agent who sold indulgences in Bradenburg, North Germany. Convinced people to buy indulgences.