And then there were none English book final test

New owner of Indian Island; he's rich, having party, invited people to come to the island
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The general is losing grip on reality and his guilt is consuming him. He feels like he should pay the price for his past sins and die on the islandWhat is the general going through? Describe his state of mind- what is it and what it might beMrs.Rodgers died in her sleep(not sure the cause because there was no coroner, autopsy, or poison/murder weapon)How does Mrs.Rodgers meet her demise in chapter 6?Mr.Blore feels that was the only way Mr.Rodgers could get away with Mr.Brady's murder because Mrs.Rodgers would have confessed and blew their cover. A man wouldn't do that to his wife plus there was no cup of poison foundWhy does Mr.Blore immediately suspect Mrs.Rodgers was killed by her husband the butler? Explain Mr.Blores accusation, pointing out its strengths and shortcomingsToo coincidental for suicide-more believable with one but not both; Rodgers killing his wife doesn't line Martsons death; two deaths very close togetherIn part 3 of chapter 7, Mr.Lombard and Dr.Armstrong discuss the two deaths that have occurred so far. Why do they conclude that both deaths must have been acts of murder?They believe Mr.Owen is the murderer and is hidingHow does the conclusion in chapter 7 relate to the absence of Mr.Owen?He is a good Maud to have in a tough spotWhy do Mr.Lombard and Dr.Armstrong then agree to enlist Mr.Blore in their search mission?They plan to search the island to find hiding spots, then the house, looking for U.N. OwenWhat and where do they plan to search for Mr.Owen?There is another one missing from the centerpiece and they can't find Rodgers, there are only 6 and they know before finding him Rodgers is deadAs chapter 11 begins, what is different about the arrangement of the china figure Indians in the dining room? How many are now in the table's centerpiece - and what does this number tell you?Someone cut him in the head with a large axeHow has Mr. Rogers been killed?This makes sense because they don't want to show outwardly what they are feeling on the inside-their thoughts are racing and they are extremely paranoidAt the end of this chapter, everyone is having a hearty breakfast, being "very polite" as they address one another, and "behaving normally" in all other ways. Does this make sense to you? Explain why or why not. What else is going on?They don't know who could be next, trying to think of escape plans, mental states are becoming hinged, they all are questioning everything that's happened so far and what will happenRead the conclusion of chapter 11 and then comment on the thoughts and fears these characters are experiencing.Stabbed in the neck with a syringe filled with poison-Armstrong was fed only person who brought a syringe to the islandHow is Miss Brent murdered, and why is Dr. Armstrong immediately suspected of committing this crime?A hypodermic syringeWhat telltale item in the doctor's possession turns up missing?His handgun(was in his bedside table)What item originally in Mr. Lombard's possession also disappears?