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According to the article "10 Supply Chain Trends to Watch for in 2022", digital supply chains will continue to be essential elements of which of the following trends?
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Ikea, Amazon, Walmart, etc. supply chains are __________ dominant.Logistics & procurementWhich organizational structure is best suited for "Operational Excellence"?CentralizationDell company falls under which category:Stable Demand, Volatile SupplyProduct leadership is best displayed by which supply chains?Fast, continuous portfolio renewal Long development, rapid deploymentWithin the industry framework, there are four main drivers affecting supply chain design, please identify all incorrect choices below.Transportation timeThe way supply chains are managed strongly affects an organizations competitiveness in areas such as:Product cost Working capital requirements Speed of market Service perceptionWithin Industry Framework, which of the following drivers does not affect the supply chain design? a. Demand variation b. Relevance of the cost of assets c. Market meditation costs d. Product lifecycle e. None of the options are correctNone of the options are correctInternal processes, provides an orientation that ensure a proper connection and combination within the supply chain activities that fall under the categories ofSource, make and deliverManagement should focus on promoting continuous renewal which is supported by three main capabilities:Short time from idea to market End-to-end efficiency to ensure affordable costs for customers Maximum levels of forecast accuracy in order to reduce market mediation costVisibility helps in achieving the following:Capture new market Customer satisfaction TransformationWhat is affecting warehouse getting jampacked and demands for new approach in supply chain by organization?E-commerce Omnichannel FulfillmentWhat will be the new technology evolution in Supply Chain world?Industry 5.0Successful digitizing supply chain requires large scale sensor implementation.TrueWhich of the following tools helps in improving decision makingArtificial Intelligence Machine LearningTo achieve sustainable competitive advantage, supply chain needs the followingAgility Adaptability AlignmentLack of alignment causes failure of supply chain practicesFalseBuilding an adaptable supply chain requires the following key componentsSpot new trends Capability to change supply networksCustomers can program the company's integrated circuits via the Internet for different applications after purchasing the basic product.TrueCompanies align their partners' interests with their own is by redefining the terms of their relationships so that firms share which of the following?Risks Cost RewardsA new product fits into which of the categoryProduct LeadershipSupply Chain decisions affect company structure in terms of:Centralization Employee autonomyDeveloping and application of new ideas fall into which of the below category?Product Leadership"One supply chain fits all." Is this statement correct?FalseThe main purpose behind article 3 is?Linking strategy and supply chainDemand variation or demand profile, does not influence the stability and consistency of manufacturing assets.FalseWhen is minimum order size policy of full truck load recommended?Transportation cost is highStandardizing of raw material and limiting variety reduces sourcing complexity.TrueDuring demand variability customer move to opportunistic approach by looking for product with: -Best PriceConfiguration and downstream should be considered underAgile Supply ChainSupply and demand stability is the main feature of?Continuous Supply ChainFour key characteristics that make up a customer-centric supply chain?Trustworthy relations Agile Operations Focus on innovation Tailored FulfillmentThe increase in customer expectations is driving the development of the business-to-business(B2B) e-commerce market.TrueWhich of the following Digital Technology platforms help support a tailored supply chain?Network Optimization Analytics Artificial Intelligence Machine learningFor reshaping the supply chain around customer needs, which of the following are important factors?Company's operating model Infrastructure Digital ecosystemWearable devices transmit data indicating customer usage, location, and frequency.TrueSupply Chains need to be able to quickly detect, respond to, and recover from changed conditions.TrueSupply chain resilience refers to the ability of a given supply chain to? (select the incorrect option)Recover slowly from its disruption state to a more desirable stateNew information and manufacturing technologies provide great potential for improving resiliency and productivity in response to real-time demand analysis.TrueClock-speed refers to the speed of an industry at which it introduces new?Processes and organizational structures Products Government and regulatory processes Manufacturing operations for repair and maintenanceCommercial supply chains must learn from military logistics how to best deliver vaccines in the event of a future pandemicTrue11. Complete the sentence, "Greater the length of a supply chain, _________________".The higher the risk of supply chain disruptionLonger supply chains are vulnerable to disruption by external shocks.TrueRather than low cost, which concept is advocated as a core competency for manufacturers in the article "Outlook 2022: Overcoming supply chain Bottlenecks".AgilitySourcing with distant suppliers may become the exception rather than a rule in the future.TrueAgility is founded onCapable processes strong culture of teamwork and collaboration High involvement problem solving bottom up decision makingIn the TFC simulation, purchase value includes price of components including transport costs.TrueIn the TFC simulation, packaging is delivered in which trade unit?PalletIn the TFC simulation, Fressie orange PET has _____ number per pallet layer.288In the TFC simulation, a contract index of 0.95 means that you will pay a premium of 5% over and above the basic price.FalseIn the TFC simulation, what is the capacity of a tank truck?30,000 litresDigital assistants and connected household device help customer place order, track orders, and coordinate returns from any locationTrueHow can full traceability across value chain from farm to factory, to transportation and distribution to final delivery be traced?Block ChainOn what companies rely on entirely to fulfill demand from segments that cannot be handled effectively on its own?Ecosystem PartnersMachine learning and artificial intelligence play a key role in providing (Personalized last mile delivery Direct- to consumer offeringCompanies bringing up new products and services into the market and continually attracting the customer is which characteristicsInnovativeThe ability of supply chain to detect, respond and recover from changed condition refers to________Supply Chain ResilienceWhich type of product with long life cycles and relatively small demand variability require cost efficient supply chain that can be offshored.Functional ProductSupply chain mapping provides visibility of ______a. The supplier's supplierBRI has attracted criticism for lackingAccountability TransparencyDiffusion of best practices should not be limited from the private to public sector.TrueReal-time demand data can be used to determine transhipment decisions of?Raw-material Work-in progress Finished ProductSMED stands for, "Single minute exchange of die"TrueWhat are the type of flavor's TFC offers?Orange Orange C-Power Orange/MangoWhich major factors affect ROI?Revenue Cost InvestmentsGross Margin is the difference between revenue and cost of good.TrueInbound order lines indicate?Number of order lines receivedIndirect expenses are counted as overhead cost.TrueStocks that are not delivered within its shelf life are called Obsolete.TrueMeasure for the level of availability of finished product on the retailer shelf is referred to as?On Shelf AvailabilityCalculate the ROI based on the following information Realized Revenue - $4,895,781 Cost of goods sold - $2,504,321 Gross Margin - $2,391,460 Indirect Cost - $1,861,674 Investment - $4,300,000Resilience measures a company's ability to quickly _____________, ___________ to and _____________ from a disruption to your supplier network.Recognize, react , recoverWhich of the following factors should be considered while updating the supplier network?Assessments of business relationships with all current suppliers List of potential alternatives Business analysis of the most critical suppliers based on SKU's Plan of action listing in case of any disruptionSupplier- side redundancy is a crucial element of supply chain resilience.TrueAccurate, up-to-date visibility into current inventory which includes both finished and unfinished goods is not important to respond properly to unexpected disruption to a supply chainFalseAccording to the article, ' Supply Chain Resilience: How to Future-Proof Your Supplier Network' third-party logistics (3PL) providers are an expensive but fast and relatively simple solution in creating a contingency plan for warehousing.TrueA resilient supply chain requires two critical capacities: the capacity for ___________ and the capacity for ___________.Resistance, recoveryWhich of the following are Supply chain Nodes?Supplier and Company Manufacturing facilities Warehouses and Distribution centres Retail Outlets Return and Repair operations Consolidation pointsWhich of the following is not included in the basic Supply Chain Carbon Footprint/Environmental Impact Reduction strategy.(select incorrect option)Research and DevelopmentStrategies such as Drop Shipping, Cross Docking, and Direct to Consumer Shipping all reduce transit times and energy consumption.TrueSelf-driving vehicles could be more energy efficient both in the management of speed and fuel consumption as well as following energy optimized routing algorithms.TrueSupplier, and materials, selection criteria should not include elements of environmental impact.FalseMain phases of progressing toward net zero includes:Establishing a baseline Defining a pathway Overseeing implementation and trackingEmission calculations are usually based on: (select correct options)Rough activity data Standard (meaning average) emission factorsA well-informed sales force can communicate an organization's low-carbon value proposition effectively to customers.TrueCompanies typically try to grow their revenues, cut their costs, and reduce their Scope 1 and 2 emissions by ________ their own operations.OptimizingProcess innovations, new technologies, and new alliances will all demand constant upskilling of staff.TrueIn the TFC simulation, does an increase in the flexible manpower in the finished goods warehouse decrease the production cost.FalseIn the TFC simulation, large delivery windows will require more safety stock to provide the same availability of components.TrueWhen the delivery reliability of a supplier is lower than expected, it can cause. (select correct options)Increase in overhead costs Increase in handling costsIn TFC simulation, what's the default number of pallet locations in the raw material warehouse?600In TFC simulation, how many pallets in 1 FTL30Creating a plan and filling it away may lead to true sense of securityFalseEvery disruption is different and presents a unique set of ________RisksWhen there is disruption in supply, maintaining solid relationship with partners earn you?FlexibilityDemand planning: having clear picture regarding raw material and finished products.TrueInventory management is a key piece of the supply chain puzzleTrue________ sourcing is responsible for geographically dispersed networkLow CostFundamental objective in any lean program is the need to?Reduce WasteAutomation of a bad process, using technology, makes it efficient and changes to a good process.FalseWhich of the processes or strategies mentioned below reduces transit time and energy consumption (select all correct options)Drop Shipping Cross decking Direct to customer shippingScope 2 emission are functions of (select all correct options)Electricity Heat & CoolingForging an alliance is a pivotal element in achieving sustainability and decarbonizationTrueCompany's drive for decarbonization and sustainability can become a magnet forHigh-performing talentWhat is the typical net zero-carbon target gap that executives will see after executing all no-regret decarbonization levers?50% - 70%Managing carbon emissions in an extended value chain has become a strategic necessity for organizationsTrueThe agreed percentage of the number of units that will be delivered on or before the promised time is termed as,Delivery ReliabilityWhat is the operator cost per annum in TFC?40000 EuroA measurement of utilization of the total storage capacity of a warehouse or storage facility is termed asCube UtilizationThe tank truck capacity in TFC is30000 litresReliability of production relative to production plan is referred to as Production Plan AdherenceTrue