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to give the actors in a play, film, or television programme instructions about what they should do


the person who gives instructions to the actors and other people working on a film or play


make a film


a group of people who come to watch and listen to someone speaking or performing in public

a cast of actors

all the people who perform in a play, film etc.

supporting part/role/actor

a small part in a play or film, or the actor who plays such a part

play the part of

the words and actions of a particular character in a play or film; role


the events that form the main story of a book, film, or play

an adaptation of

a film or television programme that is based on a book or play

be set in

if a film, play, story is set in a particular place or period, the action takes place there or then


a work of art, a piece of writing or music etc that is of a very high quality or that is the best that an artist or writer has produced

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