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principlebasic belief, rule, or lawThe Fourteenth Amendmentan amendment that gave all citizens (black and white) equal protection under the lawReconstruction Actslaws that divided the South into districts controlled by the U.S. military until the southern states rejoined the Unionimpeachmentthe process of bringing charges of wrongdoing against a public officialFifteenth Amendmentamendment that gave African Americans the right to voteHiram Revelsthe first African American in the U.S. SenateKlu Klux Klana secret society that opposed civil rights and used violence and terror against African AmericansCompromise of 1877agreement in which Democrats would accept Rutherford B. Hayes as president if all federal troops were removed from the Southpoll taxa special tax people had to pay before they could vote; it was used to try to keep African Americans from votingsegregationthe forced separation of blacks and whites in public placesJim Crow Lawslaws that enforced segregationPlessy v. Fergusoncase in which the Supreme Court ruled that segregation was allowed if "separate but equal" facilities (services) were providedsharecroppingsharing the crop on a plantation