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_____ is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, information, and other resources needed to achieve goals
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in ________ organizations, more decisions are made at lower levels of managementdecentralizedSupervisory leadership is behavior that providesguidance, support, and corrective feedback for day-to-day activities.________ leadership gives purpose and meaning to organizations by anticipating and envisioning a viable future for the organization and working with others to initiate changes that create such a futurestrategica leader who has _____ power influences others because he controls valued benefits; people comply with the leaders wishes so as to receive those benefitsreward________ has a strong positive impact on follower satisfaction and motivation and also on leader effectivenessgroup maintenance behaviorthe _______ budget is used for the cost of fixed assets like plants and equipmentcapitalthe ________ shows the financial picture of a company at a given timebalance sheet_________ are targets that establish desired performance levels, motivate performance, and serve as benchmarks against which to assess actual performancestandardsa __________ is an itemized financial document of the income and the expenses of a company's operationsprofit and loss statementEmpowerment is important in organizations today becausemanagement has changed_______ detect and correct significant variations, or discrepancies, in the results of plans and activitiescontrol systems" My business relationship with the Midwest sales rep has really deteriorated. We used to cooperate, now we ______." said the manager.competethe organization chart depicts thepositions in the firm and the way they are arrangedIn the context of the vertical structure of the firm, a wide span of control builds a _________ organization with few reporting levelsflatthe span of control should be wide whenjobs are similar, and performance measures are _______, new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate are assigneddelegationto become an effective manager, one should choose _______ of the 4 management functions and commit one hundred percentallthe 4 levels of managers found in an organization aretop, middle, frontline, team leaderMike and Sue.... which managerial challenge?collaboration boosts performanceFair Oaks Farms' manure management, specifically the use of cow manure to power their facilities and fuel their milk tankers, is most closely related to which source of competitive advantage?low costs help increase your salesmike and sue mccloskey are examples oftop level managersThe setting of Fair Oaks Farms' mission, vision, and goals is an example of which managerial function?planningWhen Fair Oaks' management shares its vision with its 300-plus employees and seeks feedback, it is able to influence employees and gain buy-in from them. Which managerial function is the company performing?leadinga ________ is the most desired position within the BCG matrixstarstartups in the internet industry are often consideredquestion marksthe least desired spot in the BCG matrix isdogCurrently, the companies Kodak and Google are examples of _____ and _____ positions,; starat the beginning of the video, ava does not properly follow the 3rd step of formal decision making process. what did she do wrong?she quickly jumped to the solution of ordering an evacuationThe police chief mentions that unionized emergency personnel had already been deployed, so pulling them back would not be worth it. What type of decision-making bias does this represent?discounting the futurewhich of the following is not an advantage to including the mayor and police chief in the decision making process?authority to make the decisionwhich of the following is true about the effects of the time pressure the group was facing?the decision maker ended up making the decisionwhich of the following is most likely a reason ava is satisficing?limited timedesigning an affordable, energy sufficient car in the next 4 years is along term goala goal provides an ______ whereas a strategy provides a _______outcome; roadmapa top management strategic plan has a _____ level of detaillowoperation planning is done by ____ managersfrontline