11 terms

Anat/Phys Chapter 1 Lesson 2

About the body and food.
Building blocks of the brain; cells that carry impulses throughout the nervous system.
Electrical signal or message carried by neurons in the nervous system.
Cell body
Largest part of the neuron in which metabolic activity takes place.
Any of many small branched extensions of the cell body of a neuron that store memories and carry impulses toward the cell body.
Single, long, branched extension of the cell body of a neuron that carries impulses away from the cell body.
Resting Potential
The product of a net excess of negative changes on the inside of the membrane.
Action Potential
Rapid change in voltage on the inside of the axon from negative to positive and then back to negative.
Schwann cells
A chain of supporting cells enclosing the axons of many neurons
Myelin Sheath
Material that forms a protective sheath around an axon; white fatty substance that surronds many vertabrae nerve cells.
Gaps formed by the Schwann cells on an axon.
A chemical used by one neuron to signal another cell.