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  1. Profane
  2. Predilection
  3. Onslaught
  4. Condescend
  5. Sojourn
  1. a Noun; a vigorous attack
  2. b Noun; a liking or preference
  3. c Adjective; contempt or disregard of God or holy things
  4. d Noun; a brief stay or journey
    Verb; to stay for a time in a place, live temporarily
  5. e Verb; look down upon someone as an inferior

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  1. Verb; roll about, live self indulgently
  2. Noun; humiliation
  3. Adjective; unhealthy, unwholesome
  4. Adjective; not careful, rash, foolish
  5. Noun; opinion or saying of an authority

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  1. RepertoireNoun; an annoyance, disturbance, or trouble


  2. IndigenousAdjective; vague, unclear


  3. UnsulliedAdjective; untouched or undamaged


  4. MultitudesAdjective; unhealthy, unwholesome


  5. MalevolentAdjective; powerless