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  1. Dispensation
  2. Indigenous
  3. Repertoire
  4. Piety
  5. Onslaught
  1. a Noun; a vigorous attack
  2. b Noun; reverence for God and religion, holiness
  3. c Noun; official permission to disregard a rule
  4. d Adjective; native, originating in a place where found
  5. e Noun; a list of works an actor or musician can perform

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  1. Verb; to wary, disgust, annoy
  2. Noun; a piece of property not real estate, furniture, slaves...etc
  3. Adjective; contempt or disregard of God or holy things
  4. Verb; look down upon someone as an inferior
  5. Noun; a small flock or group

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  1. UnsulliedAdjective; pleasingly odd or old fashioned


  2. MultitudesNoun; crowds, gatherings


  3. TaciturnNoun; a brief stay or journey
    Verb; to stay for a time in a place, live temporarily


  4. ForayNoun; a small flock or group


  5. DictumNoun; opinion or saying of an authority