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  1. Vexation
  2. Wallow
  3. Mortification
  4. Fractious
  5. Unsullied
  1. a Adjective; untouched or undamaged
  2. b Verb; roll about, live self indulgently
  3. c Noun; humiliation
  4. d Noun; an annoyance, disturbance, or trouble
  5. e Adjective; cross, hard to manage, unruly

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  1. Adjective; native, originating in a place where found
  2. Verb; to dwell or reside
    Noun; a residence or home
  3. Adjective; vague, unclear
  4. Noun; a liking or preference
  5. Verb; to wary, disgust, annoy

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  1. ProbateNoun; official proving of a will as genuine


  2. DispensationNoun; official permission to disregard a rule


  3. DictumNoun; opinion or saying of an authority


  4. RepertoireNoun; an annoyance, disturbance, or trouble


  5. ImprudentAdjective; powerless


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