Which ITIL guiding principle recommends using existing services, processes and tools when improving services?

A. Progress iteratively with feedback
B. Keep it simple and practical
C. Start where you are
D. Focus on value
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Which statement about emergency changes is correct?

A. The testing of emergency can be eliminated in order to implement the change quickly
B. The assessment and authorization of emergency changes is expedited to ensure they can be implemented quickly
C. Emergency changes should be authorized and implemented as service requests
D. Emergency changes must be fully documented before authorization and implementation
Which is part of service provision?

A. The management of resources configured to deliver the service
B. The management of resources needed to consume the service
C. The grouping of one or more services based on one or more products
D. The joint activities performed to ensure continual value co-creation
Which statement about service desks is CORRECT? A. The service desk should work in close collaboration with support and development teams B. The service desk should rely on self-service Portals instead of escalation to support teams C. The service desk should remain isolated from technical support teams D. The service desk should escalate all technical issues to support and development teamsAWhich practice updates information relating to symptoms and business impact? A. Service level management B. Change control C. Service requests management D. Incident managementDWhich is included in the purpose of the 'design and transition' value chain activity? A. Ensuring that service components are available when needed B. Providing transparency and good stakeholder relationships C. Supporting services according to specifications D. Continually meeting stakeholder expectations for costsDWhich practice has a purpose to support the quality of the service by handling all agreed user initiated service requests? A. Change control B. IT asset management C. Service desk D. Service request managementDWhich is NOT a component of the service value system? A. The guiding principles B. Governance C. Practices D. The four dimensions of service managementDWhich statement about the steps to fulfill a service request is CORRECT? A. They should be complex and detailed B. They should be well-known and proven C. They should include incident handling D. They should be brief and simpleBWhat is defined as a cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents? A. Change B. Event C. Known error D. ProblemDWhich guiding principle recommends eliminating activities that do not contribute to the creation of value? A. Start where you are B. Collaborate and promote visibility C. Keep it simple and practical D. Optimize and automateCWhen should the effectiveness of a problem workaround be assessed? A. Whenever the workaround is used B. Whenever the problem is resolved C. Whenever the workaround becomes a known error D. Whenever the problem is prioritizedAIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. A Change is defined as the addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have a direct or indirect effect on [?]. A. assets B. values C. elements D. servicesDWhich dimension considers how knowledge assets should be protected? A. Organizations and people B. Partners and suppliers C. Information and technology D. Value streams and processesCWhat is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve, without the customer having to manage specific costs and risks? A. Service management B. Continual improvement C. A service D. An IT assetCIdentify the missing words in the following sentence. The management of information security incidents usually requires [?]. A. Immediate escalation B. Specialist teams C. A separate process D. Third party supportCWhat are the ITIL guiding principles used for? A. To help an organization make good decisions B. To direct and control an organization C. To identify activities than an organization must perform in order to deliver a valuable service D. To ensure that an organization's performance continually meets stakeholders' expectations.AWhich is the CORRECT approach for managing a large improvement initiative as smaller iterations? A. Each iteration should be designed before starting the initiative and implemented without feedback B. Feedback should only be taken into account when one iteration fails to meet its objective C. Feedback should be reduced for large improvements as it is unlikely that circumstances will change D. Each iteration should be continually re-evaluated based on feedback.DWhat is the purpose of the 'deployment management' practice? A. To ensure services achieve agreed and expected performance B. To make new or changed services available for use C. To move new or changed components to live environments D. To set clear business-based targets for service performanceCWhich is a service request? A. Requesting a workaround for an issue B. Requesting information about how to create a document C. Requesting an enhancement to an application D. Requesting investigation of a degraded serviceBIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. The purpose of the supplier management practice is to ensure that the organization's suppliers and their [?] are managed appropriately to support the seamless provision of quality products and services. A. costs B. users C. value D. performancesDWhat is a recommendation of the 'focus on value' guiding principle? A. Make 'focus on value' a responsibility of the management B. Focus on the value of new and significant projects first C. Focus on value for the service provider first D. Focus on value at every step of the improvementDWhich guiding principle recommends standardizing and streamlining manual tasks? A. Optimize and automate B. Collaborate and promote visibility C. Focus on value D. Thing and work holisticallyAWhich describes a set of defined steps for implementing improvements? A. The 'improve' value chain activity B. The 'continual improvement register' C. The 'continual improvement model' D. The 'engage' value chain activityCWhich is a key requirement for a successful service level agreement? A. It should be written in legal language B. It should be simply written and easy to understand C. It should be based on the service provider's view of the service D. It should relate to simple operational metricsBWhen planning 'continual improvement', which approach for assessing the current state of a service is CORRECT? A. An organization should always use a single technique to ensure metrics are consistent B. An organization should always use strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis C. An organization should always develop competencies in the methodologies and techniques that will meet their needs D. An organization should always use an approach that combines Lean, Agile and DevOps methodologies.CHow does a service consumer contribute to the reduction of disk? A. By paying for the service B. By managing server hardware C. By communicating constraints D. By managing staff availabilityCWhat helps diagnose and resolve a simple incident? A. Rapid escalation B. Formation of a temporary team C. The use of scripts D. Problem prioritizationCWhich ITIL practice has a purpose that includes reducing the likelihood of incidents? A. Change control B. Continual improvement C. Problem Management D. Service deskCWhich service level metrics are BEST for measuring user experience? A. Single system-based metrics B. Metrics for the percentage of uptime of a service C. Operational metrics D. Metrics linked to defined outcomesDWhat are the MOST important skills required by service desk staff? A. Incident analysis skills B. Technical skills C. Problem resolution skills D. Supplier management skillsAWhich two statements about an organization's culture are CORRECT? 1. It is created from shared values based on how it carries out its work 2. It is determined by the type of technology used to support services 3. It should be based on the culture of prospective suppliers 4. It should be based on the objectives of the organization A. 1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 C. 3 and 4 D. 1 and 4DWhen should a change request be submitted to resolve a problem? A. As soon as a solution for the problem has been identified B. As soon as a workaround for the problem has been identified C. As soon as the analysis of the frequency and impact of incidents justifies the change D. As soon as the analysis of cost, risks, and benefits justifies the changeDWhich guiding principle helps to ensure that better information is available for decision making? A. Keep it simple and practical B. Think and work holistically C. Optimize and automate D. Collaborate and promote visibilityDWhich practice has a purpose that includes observing a service to report selected changes of state identified as events? A. Information security management B. Monitoring and event management C. Incident management D. Change controlBWhich describes a standard change? A. A change that needs to be scheduled, assessed, and authorized following a defined process B. A change that is typically implemented as a service request C. A high-risk change that needs very thorough assessment D. A change that must be implemented as soon as possibleBHow does information about problems and known errors contribute to 'incident management'? A. It enables quick and efficient diagnosis of incidents B. It removes the need for regular customer updates C. It removes the need for collaboration during incident resolution D. It enables the reassessment of known errorsAWhich practice owns and manages issues, queries, and requests from users? A. Incident management B. Service desk C. Change control D. Problem managementBWhat defines the requirements for a service and takes responsibility for the outcomes of service consumption? A. An IT asset B. A customer C. A configuration item (CI) D. A userBWhich stakeholders co-create value in a service relationship? A. Investor and supplier B. Consumer and provider C. Provider and supplier D. Investor and consumerBWhich describes normal changes? A. Changes that are low-risk and pre-authorized B. Changes that need to be scheduled and assessed following a process C. Changes that are typically initiated as service requests D. Changes that must be implemented as soon as possibleBWhat is the expected outcome from using a service value chain? A. Service value streams B. Customer engagement C. Value realization D. The application of practicesCWhich statement about outcomes is CORRECT? A. Outcomes are one or more services that fulfill the needs of a service consumer B. Service providers help service consumers C. Outcomes help service consumers achieve outputs D. Helping service consumers achieve outcomes reduces service provider costsBWhich skill is an essential part of the 'service level management' practice? A. Technical knowledge B. Listening C. Diagnosis D. Problem analysisBWhat are the three phases of 'problem management'? A. Problem logging, problem classification. problem resolution B. Incident management. problem management, change enablement C. Problem identification, problem control, error control D. Problem analysis, error identification, incident resolutionCWhich is a purpose of the 'engage' value chain activity? A. Meeting expectations for quality, costs, and time-to-market B. Providing transparency and good relationships C Ensuring the continual improvement of a service D. Ensuring that the organization's vision is understoodBIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. The purpose of the service configuration management practice is to ensure that accurate and reliable information about the configuration of services, and the [?] that support them, are available when and where it is needed. A. suppliers B. CIs (configuration item) C customers D. assetsBWhat is described by the service value system? A. How all the components and activities of the organization work together as a system to enable value creation B Services based on one ore more products, designed to address needs of a target consumer groupAWhich practice requires that staff demonstrate excellent customer service skills, such as empathy and emotional intelligence? A. Problem management D. Service DeskDWhat is defined as any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT service? A. A service request B. A configuration item (CI)BWhich guiding principle recommends using the minimum number of steps necessary to achieve an objective? A. Progress iteratively with feedback D. Keep it simple and practicalDWhich two statements about the 'service request management' practice are CORRECT? 1. Service requests are part of normal service delivery 2. Complaints can be handled as service requests 3. Service requests result from a failure in service 4. Normal changes should ne handled as service requests A. 1 and 2 D. 1 and 4AWhat is an IT asset? A. Any financially valuable component that can contribute to delivery of an IT product or service D. The removal of anything that could have a direct or indirect effect on servicesAWhich dimension includes a workflow management system? A. Organizations and people D. Value streams and processesDIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. A service is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve, without the customer having to manage specific [?] and risks. A. information B. costsBWhich of these should ne logged and managed as a problem? A. A user requests delivery of a laptop C. Trend analysis shows a large number of similar incidentsCIn which two situations should the ITIL guiding principles be considered? 1. In every initiative 2. In relationships with all stakeholders 3. Only in specific initiatives where the principle is relevant 4. Only in specific stakeholder relationships where the principle is relevant A. 1 and 2 D. 1 and 4AWhich guiding principle recommends coordinating all dimensions of service management? A. Start where you are C. Think and work holisticallyCWhat is the purpose of the 'relationship management' practice? A. To establish and nurture the links between the organization and its stakeholders D. To support the agreed quality of a service handling all agreed, user-initiated service requestsAHow should the workflow for a new service request be designed? A. Use a single workflow for all types of a service request D. Leverage existing workflows whenever possibleDWhat is the purpose of the 'information security management' practice? A. To protect the information needed by the organization to conduct its business D. To plan and manage the full lifecycle of all IT assetsAIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. The use of [?] should support, not replace what is observed, when using the 'start where you are' guiding principle. A. measurement D. processAHow should automation be implemented? A. By replacing human intervention wherever possible D. By optimizing as much as possible firstAWhich activity is part of the 'continual improvement' practice? A. Identifying and logging opportunities D. Providing a clear path for users to report issues, queries, and requestsAWhich competencies are required by the 'service level management' practice? A. Problem investigation and resolution B. Business analysis and commercial managementBWhich practice uses techniques such as SWOT analysis, balanced scorecard reviews, and maturity assessments? A. Incident management C. Continual improvementCWhich statement about costs is CORRECT? A. Costs imposed on the consumer are costs of a service utility B. Costs removed from the consumer are part of the value propositionBWhat is typically needed to assign complex incidents to support groups? A. A self-help tool D. The incident categoryDWhich practice has a purpose that includes aligning the organization's practices and services with changing business needs? A. Service level management D. Continual improvementDA major incident has been closed, but there is a risk that it might happen again. How should this be logged and managed? A. As a change request D. As a problemDWhat should be done to determine the appropriate metrics for measuring a new service? A. Measuring the performance over the first six months, and basing a solution on the results D. Using operational data to provide detailed service reportsDWhich dimension includes activities and workflows? A. Organizations and people D. Value streams and processesDWhat should be used to set user expectations for request fulfillment times? A. The time that the customer indicates for service delivery C. The time needed to realistically deliver the serviceCWhich is one of the five aspects of service design? A. Management information systems and tools D. Corporate governance and policyAWhich statement about IT service management is CORRECT? A. It is performed by customers using a mix of IT systems, services, and processes D. It is performed by IT service providers using a mix of people, processes, and technologyDWhich is the CORRECT of the 'R' role in a RACI matrix? A. This role ensures that activities are executed correctly B This role has ownership of the end resultBWhich statement about change management is CORRECT? A. It optimizes overall business risk D. It ensures that service requests follow the normal change management processAWhich statement about the 'four Ps' of service design is CORRECT? A. Processes refers to skill and training B Partners refers to suppliers and vendorsBWhat is the primary focus of business capacity management? A. Management, control, and prediction of the performance, utilization, and capacity of individual elements of IT technology D. Future business requirements for IT services are quantified, designed, planned, and implemented in a timely fashionDWhich is NOT a structure of a service desk that is described in the ITIL service operation guidance? A. Local C. OutsourcedCWhat type of change is pre-authorized, low-risk, relatively common, and follows a procedure or work instruction? A. A standard change D. A normal changeAWhich service transition process provides guidance about converting data into information? A Change evaluation B Knowledge managementBWhich service catalogue view is considered beneficial when constructing the relationship between services, SLAs, OLAs, and other underpinning agreements? A. Service-based SLA view D. Supporting services viewDService transition contains detailed descriptions of which processes? A. Change management, service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management D. service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management, request fulfillmentAWhich is an objective of the design coordination process? A. To produce service design and ensure they are handed over to service transition D. To gather and document new service level requirements from the customerAWhat MAIN factors are considered to assess the priority of an incident? A. The urgency and impact D. The complexity and costAWhich term is used to describe the prediction and control of income and expenditure within an organization? A. Charging C. BudgetingCWhere should all master copies of controlled software and documentation be stored? A. In the definitive capacity library B. In the definitive media libraryBWhich stage of the service lifecycle has the purpose of looking for ways to improve process and cost effectiveness? A. Service operation C. Continual service improvementCWhich of the following should IT service continuity strategy be based on? 1. Design of the service metrics 2. Business continuity strategy 3. Business impact analysis (BIA) 4. Risk assessment A. 1, 2, 4 only C. 2, 3, and 4 onlyCWhat is not within the scope of service catalogue management? A. Contribution to the definition of services D. Fulfillment of business service requestsDWhat three elements make up the Service Portfolio? A. Customer portfolio, service catalogue, and retired services C. Service pipeline, service catalogue, and retired servicesCWho is responsible for defining metrics for change management? A. The change management process owner D. The continual service improvement managerAWhich is a supplier category? A. Technical D. ResourceDWhich process is used to compare the value that new services offer with the value of the services they have replaced? A. Availability management C. Service portfolio managementCWhich is an important principle of communication in service operation? A. Information should always be communicated B It has an intended purpose or a resultant actionBWhat do customer perceptions and business outcomes help to define? A. The value of a service D. Key performance indicators (KPIs)AWhich statement about metrics is CORRECT? A. Process metrics can be used to measure end-to-end service performance B. Technology metrics can be used to measure component performance and availabilityBWhat takes place in the "Did we get there?" step of the continual service improvement (CSI) approach? A. An initial baseline assessment C. Verifying that improvement targets have been achievedCWhich is an example of improving service utility using service management automation? A. Pre-determined routing of a service request D. Faster resource allocationDWhat is the CORRECT definition of service management? A. A set of specialized assets for transitioning services into the live operational environment B. A set of specialized organizational capabilities for delivering value to customers in the form of servicesBWhich is the correct combination of items that makes up an IT service? A. Customers, providers, and documents B. information technology, people, and processesBWhich problem management activity ensures that a problem can be easily tracked and management information can be obtained? A. Categorization B. Detection C. Prioritization D. EscalationAWhat can be used to help determine the impact level of a problem? A. Definitive media library (DML) B. Configuration management system (CMS)BWhich are phases of the release and deployment process? 1. Release build and test 2. Review and close 3. Categorize and record 4. Change authorization and schedule A. 1 and 2 D. 3 and 4AWhich function is responsible for the management of a data center? A. Technical management D. Facilities managementDWhich are the elements of process control? A. Inputs, outputs, and triggers D. Process owner, policy, and objectivesDWhich processes are responsible for the regular review of underpinning contracts? A. Supplier management and service level management D. Supplier management and availability managementAWhich statement BEST describes the value of service strategy to the business? A. It allows higher volumes of successful change D. It enables the service provider to understand what levels of service will make their customers successfulDWhat is a definition of a service improvement plan (SIP)? A. A formal plan to implement improvements to a customer's business processes C. A formal plan to implement improvements to a service or processCWhich statement about he known error database (KEDB) is CORRECT? A. It is maintained by the service desk and updated with the details of each new incident C. It is maintained by problem management and is used by the service desk to help resolve incidentsCWhich process works with incident management to ensure that security breaches are detected and logged? A. Change management C Access managementCWhat should a release policy include? A. The process owner and process manager for each type of release C. The naming convention and expected frequency of each type of releaseCWhich guiding principle is PRIMARILY concerned with end-to-end service delivery? A. Focus on value B. Think and work holisticallyBWhat is the purpose of the 'problem management' practice? A. To protect the information needed by the organization to conduct its business B. To reduce the likelihood and impact of incidents by identifying actual and potential causes of incidents, and managing workarounds and known errorsBWhich practice would help a user gain access to an application that they need to use? A. Service configuration management B. Change enablement C. Service request managementCWhy should some service requests be fulfilled with no additional approvals? A. To ensure that spending is properly accounted for C. To streamline the fulfillment workflowCWhich is a purpose of the 'service desk' practice? A. To minimize the negative impact of incidents by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible B. To be the entry point and single point of contact for the service provider with all of its usersBWhich are elements of the service value system? A. Service provision, service consumption, service relationship management B. Governance, service value chain, practicesBWhich is defined as an unplanned interruption or reduction in the quality of a service? A. An incident D. An eventAWhich statement about the use of measurement in the 'start where you are' guiding principle is CORRECT? A. It should always be used to support direct observation D. The act of measuring always positively impacts resultsAWhat is an incident? A. The planned removal of an item that might affects service D. A service interruption resolved by the use of self-help toolsDWhat is defined as a change of state that has significance for the management of an IT service? A. Event D. Known errorAWhich dimension includes the knowledge needed for the management of services? A. Organizations and people C. Information and technologyCWhat is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for enabling value for customers in the form of services? A. Service offering C. Service managementCWhat is the PRIMARY use of a change schedule? A. To support the 'incident management' practice and improvement planning C. To plan changes and help avoid conflictsCWhat are the guiding principles? A. A set of interconnected activities that help an organization deliver a valuable service D. Recommendations that help an organization when adopting a service management approachDWhich guiding principle focuses on reducing costs and human errors? A. Focus and value C. Optimize and automateCWhat is the purpose of the 'incident management' practice? A. To minimize the negative impact of incidents by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible D. To support the agreed service quality by effective handling of all agreed user-initiated service requestsAWhich practice makes new services available for use? A. Change enablement B. Release managementBWhich guiding principle considers the importance of customer loyalty? A. Progress iteratively with feedback B. Focus on valueBWhich guiding principle helps to ensure that each improvement effort has more focus and is easier to maintain? A. Start where you are C. Progress iteratively with feedbackCWhich is a key activity carried out in the 'did we get there?' step of the 'continual improvement' model? A. Define measurable targets D. Evaluate measurements and metricsDWhat is important for a 'continual improvement register' (CIR)? A. Improvement ideas are documented, assessed and prioritized D. Improvement ideas are tested, funded and agreedAWhat can a service remove from the consumer and impose on the consumer? A. Utility C. CostCIn which step of the 'continual improvement model' is an improvement plan implemented? A. What is the vision? C. Take actionCWhich is a purpose of the 'service level management' practice? A. To establish and nature the links between the organization and its stakeholders C. To set clear business-based targets for service levelsCWhich is an example of a business related measurement? A. The number of passengers checked in D. The number of problems resolvedAWhat describes the steps needed to create and deliver a specific service to a consumer? A. Service management C. A value streamCWhich statement about the automation of service requests is CORRECT? A. Service requests that cannot be automated should be handled as incidents B Service requests and their fulfillment should be automated as much as possibleBIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. A user is [?] that uses services. A. An organization B. a roleBWhich gives a user access to a system? A. Service requirement D. Service provisionDWhat is a change schedule PRIMARILY used for? A. To help plan, authorize and schedule emergency changes D. To help plan changes, assist in communication and avoid conflictsDWhat is used to link activities within the service value chain? A. Service level agreements C. Opportunity, demand, and valueCWhich describes the utility of a service? A. A service that is fit for use D. A service that supports the performance of the consumerDWhich two practices use workarounds? A. Change enablement and continual improvement C. Problem management and incident managementCWhich statement about the 'change enablement' practice is Correct? A. Standard changes are those that need to be scheduled assessed and authorized following a standard process B. Normal changes are triggered by the creation of a change request which can be created manually or automatedBWhich is included in the purpose f the 'deliver and support' value chain activity? A. Meeting stakeholder expectations for time to market D. Providing services to agreed specificationsA