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I am here.


He/she is absent.

Salvēte, discipuli.

Hello, students.

Sum magistra/magistere _____.

I am teacher _____.

Quid agitis hodie?

How are you today?

Salvē, magistra/magistere _____.

Hello, teacher _____.

Sum _____.

I am _____. (name)


I am well.


I am very well.


I am not well.


I am terrible.

Valēte, discipuli.

Goodbye, students.

Valē, magistra/magistere _____.

Goodbye, teacher _____.

E Pluribus Unim

From Many, One

Semper ubi sub ubi.

Always where under where.

Semper Fi(delis)

Always faithful.


Goodbye sayer


I came...I saw...I conquered

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