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Assessing the likely workplace variables attributing to the problematic performance of employees is the focus of
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A staff person is teaching a man with disabilities to identify coin denomination from a field of three, using least-to-most prompting and a detailed teaching plan. The staff person glances at the plan quickly, sets out four coins and says. "Find the quart," as she touches the quarter. The man touches the quarter, and the staff person scores an independent response. The staff person then completes the data sheet for 10 trials and closes the data book. This is likely to be identified as a performance problem associated with
PDC-HS is useful despite employing an indirect measure of behavior, as many performance problems areBehavioral deficits, which are not well suited for assessments using direct observationUsing a functional assessment approach, the PDC and PDC-HS can be used to identify the variables that influenceSubstandard PerformancePerformance analysis/diagnostics is defined asThe process of problem solving around staff performance problems based on the principles of behavior analysisMost performance problems are the result ofPositive/immediate/certain consequences and negative/future/uncertain consequences for the undesirable behaviorThe methodology using behavioral principles to assess work performance in the workplace that has strong support in the research literature asNone of the aboveFollowing the curriculum instructions, the therapist has identified five letter blends to teach and has coded the data sheet for 10 trials, using the level of blend difficulty (1 or 2) an exemplars number (1-5). The therapist glances back and forth amongst her papers to track her data, often losing the child's attention between trials and making little progress in learning. This is likely to be identified as a performance problem associated withResource, materials, and processesWhich is an example of performance issue where problems with task clarification/prompting are likely to be the controlling variable?The therapist routinely neglects to bring all her teaching materials to her home-based sessions for the two children she sees on Saturdays.Which of these variable is NOT assess in the PDC-HS?Staff Work RelationshipsA therapist working with a kindergartener on identifying numbers lays out all 10 numbers and says, "Show me 6," as the child is looking under the table. The child finally looks up and picks"5", saying, "I am five." She is physically prompted to pick up the 6 several times and the therapist scores a 4, erases this and then finally marks an 8. This is likely to be identified as a performance problem associated withTraining and task clarification/promptingWhich is an example of a performance issue where problems with resources, materials, or processes are likely to be the controlling variable?Although she finishes each session on time, the therapist is late to the last three of her four therapy sessions by several minutes as she runs to the bathroom between sessionsDiagnostic checklists, based on behavior analysis, that are designed to assess the workplace variables underlying poor employee performance typically focus onStaff skills, task clarity, resource availability, and the consequences for staff behaviors